Steal The Sun

pretty girls make graves/donkeys under starlight 

starved in half/worshipped so sweet 

souls just holes/stuffed with contempt 

no cure only pain/ scorched into pale eyes 

sex without love/lifeless like a whore 

banality and the mundane/drip fed so cute 

morality no sense/obliterate with regret 

stained bodies/shackled by stained chains 

bourgeois so bloody bourgeois/unclean in sin  

lipstick covered cracks/so scared of beauty 

fragility not a weakness/tenderness not a fault 

build yourself around me/let go of the waste 

love not dreadful lust/soft not hard 

wipe those tears away/reborn bereft of doubt 

don’t fear the silence/no danger in the shadows 

leave it all behind/all those worthless feelings 

wrapped up in you/wrapped up in something true 

no ghosts/haunted by none 

steal the sun/wrap it around your heart 

love/only love 

with every breath/with every step

you take 

Images Of Youth



The lower men crawl with insects. In their lungs, and in their mouths. Vague blurs. Drifting in and out. Aversion. Perversion. Children of nowhere. Dead, and addicted to rainbows. Organic sex, so fluent in a language we know not of. Dumb and despaired. Depleted dreams and arsenic. Empty bottles of god, left cold like black eyed dogs howling in the rain. Unshaven. Unkempt. Kicked to the kerb, and scratched into collapsed veins. Human acne, scarred into the earth. No landscape unblemished. Killers aren’t we all. Linguistics of detached tendons. Peel them all back, and wrap those hands around sweet, tender bones. Little piggies. Snorting in the dark. Neon danger, splashed across naked bodies. Shapes in creased sheets. Faces in the clouds high above our heads. Pavements of trash. Flowers shooting through floorboards. Reach for the light. Ask for a little warmth. Cuddle and kiss. More than a woman, far across the sea. Remember what it used to be like, when to be natural was so easy. Hands and lips, giving like only a lover can.

Hatred painted on shallow brows. Dreaming of a place in time that no longer exists. All exits, covered with lies and teenage blood lust. All those dead stars, reflected in the whites of my eyes. Romance, spinning with scattered leaves on a winters day. Beauty and truth, lost like cheating hearts. The sky is empty. Past or future. Shakespear, drunk on old smiles. Dignity, pissed into the gutter of some town left to crumble out of mind. Indian summers. Souls of virtue, trying so hard to fix the world. A test of resolution. A marker of self belief. Eternity in the early hours. Rising suns and tired minds. The people who we were always destined to be, dancing with the tigers at dawn. Broken idols. Failure so sweet. A mess of culture. Gentle hands, and honest silence. To celebrate pain and desolation. To change into something majestic. Transformation through memories. Repeat and repent. Lovers like acid. Thrown onto limbless statues. Serenade the naked. With quotations waved goodbye. Frozen lakes. A mosaic of cracks, so intricate and sincere. Be compassionate. Be loyal. Love until it hurts, and never stop caring.

Golden Honey

Love is the devil. Against time, we struggle so hard to understand who we really are. There are no answers, only questions. No destinations, only islands in time. Chasing tails, we get caught up in useless formalities. Just let go, and take hold of something more. Feel the heat of someone who gets under your skin. A long time dead, we need to embrace every little thing that makes our hearts sway in the moment. Give yourself to the beat of life. Feel alive. Worship sparks of creation and lust. Tolerate all those that you hate. Realise what’s important. Too much bloodshed. Too many wasted days. Take a second, and gaze into wanting eyes. Those eyes that taste so feverishly. Those eyes that have seen all there is to be seen. Truth. It’s all there ever really is. Lies mean nothing. Deceit less than zero. Show your bones. A horny toad, bathing in warm sunshine. Golden honey, like the glance of a lover one fine autumn afternoon. Don’t mourn. Yesterday will come around once more. Everything’s eventual after all. Hold on, and keep the fire inside burning bright. Smile that stupid smile, and stay true to who you are. Stay beautiful, you know the score. Stand up against doubt. Break down walls. Be unique, and be you.   

Medusa Touch


Incinerate. The touch of a madman. Beat his brains out. Diaries that never speak. A drop of whiskey. More tears than smiles. More sea than earth. How we fight against it, each and every day. Broken ribs. Split lips. Tube fed dysmorphia. Is it cruel, to breed destruction? Surely not, in a world that embraces fire. A gift for disaster. Don’t resist. No delusions, only truth. Dirty little bitch, reeking of cheapness and man made hell. Seedy little seeds, decades past their prime. Father knows no meaning. Relics. Buildings for dead people. Suicide journalist. Crushed beneath gallons of spurious words with not one ounce of fact. Teenage delusions, spread high and dry. London dead, full of ghosts and despair. Old like evil. Power in our hands. Smeared across bellies of gold. Morbid loner, all lonesome like a fading sun. Not responsible. A non entity. Hidden depths. Myopic. Anemic like whores. The walls of jericho. Pious nothings. Paintings hold me close. Eyes alive, and ready to devour. Screaming skulls. Existence. Black doors to the middles class. Photographs. Massacres of the innocent. Tragedy upon tragedy, stuffed into every hole. 

Out of the arena. Autumn leaves blown so cruel. Finger-lickin’ nausea, horrid and betrayed. Bottles and cents. No sense in suicide. The will to fuck. The thrill to consume. No law, no heart. Absence of connections. Lacking/cracking. My lord of villains, prosecute and masturbate. Venerable and torrid. Mutilate the grotesque. Piss pathetic. Blow it sky high, and suffocate all the non believers. Hapless words, and pointless direction. Outside of society. The only place to be. Something in the way we move. Ringing bells, breasts that fit my hands just right. Take off that dress, and let me do my thing. A million victims, dripping from your sex. Love, in every area we deem to deny. Journals lost. Hate and disdain, swimming like they did all those years ago. Withered birth. No devils, just pain. Dark ages tickled into painted flesh. Performers aren’t we all. Richard Burton. A god you’ll never know. Atomic. Plutonic. Bubble with cracks, ready for drowning. Mother. Daughter. Hush now, dying shadow of something not quite right. Tomorrow never comes. You can’t deny me, for I’m within and without. Mirrored obscure, creeping something sure. Take and break me. Tell me, that I’m everything you’ll ever need. All that can never be left behind. 

Wish Me In You



Let me take off your clothes. Let me strip you clean, of all those useless barriers. Let me see you for what you really are. To demean is out of the question, I just wanna taste beauty. To slip inside of you, and feel some sense of worth. To belong. Nude truth, beneath the touch of my cigarette stained fingers. Spreading wide, I’ll tongue the very heart of what you are. Death proof. Massive like war. With your naked belly beneath mine, there’s a way for both of us to escape. Your mouth wide and open with pleasure, I watch as you pinch yourself something kinky. These sensations. They consume with ease. In rings of wonder, we dance until we lose ourselves. Shades of red before my eyes, the abyss glows something wicked. Handsome devil, wanting to destroy. Imagine kissing those lips. Imagine taking hold, and seducing the one that plays on your mind every hour of the day. Rapture. Water. Hourglass figure, sprawled on the bed and begging to be taken any way you want. Every hole, filled with delirium. Obliterated beyond recognition. They think we’re normal, but beneath the sheets, we’re so much more. Two souls on fire, passion is just a word. Secrets, are what we’re made of. 

Light a candle. Focus on the flame. Masturbate to images of carnal desire. Reckless abandon, swimming with smoke and beer. Spastic uterus. Bloodied nose and spanish whore. Porno heritage. Lipstick traces on the collar of my shirt. Wish me in you. Let me break every bone. Let me dissolve all those atoms that chain you to defeat. No education, only flesh and madness. Pissing a little death, my balls shrink with thoughts of oblivion. The great big nothing, haunting every day. Never a moment away, it laughs as I fall. Each and every time. Things fall apart, but then they come together again. Always in transition, even in the depths of despair. Moving through a stasis, words tickle inquisitive minds. Bodies that demand attention, ready and willing at the flick of a knife. Sunshine cascade, shimmering just out of reach. Wake up, and see what matters most. Understand, those that you need to keep close. These days won’t last forever. Time disappears too quickly. Quicksand blues. Hush now pretty one, and feel my bone. King of horny limbs, begging to be let in. Pandemonium beneath your dress. Just let me lift it up, and come until I’m undone once more. 

Waste And Perfection

sunday t

Wash beneath your foreskin. Be concerned by cancerous moles. Check for lumps. Hold your balls, and search for the end. Get fucked up. Fuck, like there’s no tomorrow. Drop acid, drink until your insides bleed. Smoke until your lungs burn black. A vision of the future- old man dying, pacing the hospital floor. Heaven is a lover, one cold september morning. Reborn through intimacy, nothing else means a thing. Take a shit, and love the guts of everyone. Shudder as memories piss out in the toilet of some downtown bar. Years come and go. Too many ghosts. But beauty overpowers all. Delicate, sublime, beauty. Through thick and thin, it clings. In bed and engulfed in silence, this is a vision of perfection. Remember what makes you happy, and work for it with everything you have. 

Seasons of dim feeling, passing unknowingly. Lovers on thin ice, treading so carefully. Eat junk. Spit out cavities. Place fingers on pulsating sex, and work it like some kind of wizard. A magician in the midnight hour, casting shadows on the wall. Repeat and repent. Our saviour, like no other. Dream lover, somewhere safe and warm. A fond farewell, to fleeting truths. Scabs and scratched skin. Pitchforks lamented. Sluts and black stockings. Hail to the king. Bow down, to what you serve. Big man with a gun, ready to give what needs to be given. Symmetrical with dead stars. Arms around faith, and lips locked into place. Throw away every useless thing. Breathe in, and just let go. Little deaths, like petals of a flower. Place them on her belly, and marvel at what you see. Cup her breasts, then fall asleep. Laika in outer space, so lonely and forlorn.