Feed Me Your Kiss

we eat worlds and spit out the rest

madness and love. mixed together like blood and lust

she gives me control

tears away at my restraint. tears away at every hole

on my hands and on my knees. she brings release

destroying every last doubt

until there’s only sin

and sin is where we come alive

from her mouth to mine

we move closer to something pure

something akin to the lines in between

where I end. and she begins

Poetry #3

Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

we make love to the sounds of insects

deep down the rabbit hole

caressing secrets at one with nature

we become one with earth and air

within and without

from here to there

come now and taste a new future

all past echoes

left dangling in the wind

we will these days

because our love burns brighter that way

Poetry #3



These days, they make me feel alive. A mess of words and strange thoughts. A trial of snakes and ladders. Oblivion and salvation, rolled into one. Heaven comes crashing down. The waves of lost opportunity, splashing around our bare feet. She’s dangerous, but the best ones always are. A rose and a thorn squeezed between tightened fingers. So many lost lovers. Haunting in the dark hours as the shadows roll down every lonely street I’ve ever walked. So much beauty and tragic faces falling like drops of rain in the gutter. Everyone I’ve ever loved, doomed to die and be forgotten about as time keeps ticking away. You and me, lost in the storm. All those ghosts reaching out to be saved from within our bruised heads. All those lives we have changed, and the lives that have changed us. All those lies. Those empty glasses of wine. I’m haunted by every promise that was never made. By the nights that we left to rot without magic. This stupid heart of mine. These stupid dreams that persist. This stupid belief that keeps shining even when the lights of salvation are so dim. Romance in the scent of her curled hair. Truth and elegance, dancing like eyes in the darkness. The persistence of loss. Don’t let me fall without love in my heart. Somewhere there’s a place where we should be. A frozen lake. A state of mind. There’s a way of being that will let us drift to sleep without the fear of what will happen to us when we awake. It’s out there through the forests and seas. It calls our names in a voice that will never be heard. So soft like your smile. So gentle like the tears you cry out of frustration. In these shells that we were born in, we beg so much to be freed. To breath without the chains that bind us to history. Born not to destroy, but to taste something glorious and divine. There’s no space for hate. Too many demons worshipped by mistake. Loss and apathy caressed through weakness and fear. Reflections unclean. Echoes of you in the corner of the room alive with birdsong and a lust for living that can never be denied. These days, they shift and sink and rise until nothing makes any sense. Haunted by what’s unseen. The past a burden, immovable like a mountain. Secrets in the footsteps we leave without even knowing. Pieces of a puzzle that will never be made complete. The ashes of our souls, blowing in the wind beneath a moonlit sky. Through the leaves of the trees, we shall sing forever. In a billion midnight hours, we shall haunt like they did to us. Repent and never be loveless. Bend like flowers, yet always face the sun.



beyond good and evil

kissing the lipless no longer

I want it to snow so we can make snow angels and forget

about every useless thing

breathing is the solution

becoming one with desires and dreams

autumn lovers

doing it how it should be done

breaking down the walls

breaking away from





Poetry #3

Night Lovers

in the blink of an eye we can disappear

out of reach as if we never


in the first place

eternity in a sunrise

eternity in her eyes

these feelings wont last forever

one day they’ll be gone

but as long as we

have tonight

then nothing else matters

Poetry #3


Her beauty slithers through the night. She’s champagne, bubbling beneath a crescent moon. She comes around without warning. A warm soul, burning with a passion when others are just so lifeless. The spice in her veins. The truth of her footsteps. On thin ice, we dance because we mean it. We bleed because we feel it. In a pretty dress, she’s just herself. Pain and embarrassment, not denied but remembered. All those days of shame, scrapped off and cast aside like trash. Truth and honesty, more sensual than a million painted faces. The nature of who she is, more real than a world full of shadows. It’s in her chemistry. In the way she smiles without fear. Those timeless moments of time, when she brightens even the most hopeless of souls. To dream yourself away. To be in her arms with everything else left behind. Cold winter mornings, alive like the love in her eyes. We shiver like black eyed dogs, and although we’re little more than strangers, we become as one through the language of the soul. Together we are blameless. Through devotion to a greater cause, we shine brighter than a billion dying stars. Tongue tied through butterflies. Mirrored like angels, swimming in a sea of catastrophe.


Heaven Scent

Distant galaxies. The gaze of her eyes. Stars and planets, drifting in eternal darkness. Love like snow, falling upwards towards the clouds. Flashing lights. Flowers in the rain bouncing like cigarettes. A sequence of events that comes together like bombs upon a fading eastern town. Cold and wet graveyards. Dead leaves on the dirty ground. Zig-zag patterns on a carpet. Arms around each other with fate calling from somewhere unseen. In a mound of dirt, hope is buried along with the morning dew. In a box of secrets, the key to future romance swells beyond recognition. The steam of innocence. The crumbling facade of indifference. Screaming trees. Babies and wolves howling to the new born moon. In heaven, everything is fine. In hell, we damn ourselves with ill-discipline. Torn fragments of warmth. Chattering teeth. Fear of birth. So many nights that have become nothing. Echoes of future past, haunting with ease. Figures on a sixpence, spinning in the gutter. The perfume of a lover, gushing like temptation. Cheating hearts and tainted flesh. In a pool of desire, we come undone to cute birdsong. We feel alive with the words of our saviour. Rock and bone. Little slices of death. Give yourself to enlightenment. To cherubs and dwarves. Smoke a cigarette, and swallow any reservations. In the court of no one in particular, we often come apart. The child inside, crying out to be saved. So many loose ends. So many waves, just begging to be surfed.