Some kind of grin. A devilish tongue. Eyes as teeth. It’s too hot to wear that dress. So take it off, and let me make you feel whole again. Wanting what I’ve got, you take baby steps whilst my fingers release the latch of your bra. There’s something in the way it slides off, that makes my gums bleed. I grow hard. Head throbbing and bones popping, I spill out my truth all over that body of yours. But really it’s mine. Every piece of you, surrendering as I make you beg me never to stop. My mouth tasting the vanilla essence of your breasts, I’ve returned to the sea. La mer. The two of us, swimming in sin, with only flesh to think of. Creatures of nature. Seeking always, the heat of bliss. The frenzy, of soft release.

There’s something in the way we merge. There’s something in the loneliness that pumps through our veins. In the darkness as we try to fall asleep. A thousand voices, calling to us through the wind. In the silence, an unspoken link connects our hearts. It’s obscure and beyond words. Yet somehow, we are one and the same. Distance is no object. Fading days and hurt, rendered meaningless in the face of meaning. Eyes, knowingly searching for secrets. The gaze of lovers, shapeless and sensual. Greedy lips, licking so eagerly. An intake of breath. The seconds when we’re motionless. Timeless, we move through barriers with no restriction. All acts of others, of no interest whatsoever.

Intimacy. It shouldn’t be forced. It should flow freely like a river. It should smoother like a pillow. That certain someone, who makes your heart flutter with ease. That certain face, floating in your mind. The memory of touch. The sensation of lust. All senses succumbed. Smoke a cigarette. Swallow some beer. Think of them laying next to you, the madness behind their eyes setting you alight. Chin upon their shoulder, arm around her waist. Cup her breast. Tweak her nipple. Push yourself against her. Kiss tender, washed skin. Remove your clothes. Strip off the bedsheets. Place your lips beneath her navel. Place them where it makes her sigh to the heavens above. Make her feel like a woman. Hear her cry as you take her to the brink. The walls of restraint, soon crumbling down.

Oblivion. In every atom of her body. Nude, and trembling at your touch.


Sunshine. Wave upon wave. The beating of drums, and the way her legs invite me in. She dances on soft sand, the hush of galaxies, swirling behind brown eyes. Times hand can’t catch me whilst she breathes so heavenly. There’s no fear, only two bodies, sparkling in the majesty of life. And all that majesty, swimming in her belly, as my hands caress her wholesome ┬áhips. Against the rest, we deny tomorrow, and taste each others love. Tracing patterns on the inside of her thigh, my tongue glides across her breast then up to her neck. Like snakes, we slither in the water, as birds sing their pretty songs from above. In the trees, they watch us as we forget. Sweetness, she gives me all that I need. Kisses, like butterflies on the summer breeze. So light, like the leaves as they drift down from such great heights. My fingers teasing, she gasps something cute as I crave her flavour even more. These days, they drip like honey, and they taste of fine, exotic wine.

It’s in the fabric of her dress. Hanging on the back of the door. Flowers blossoming, with such vitality. As night falls outside, the wind blows all those ghosts far, far away. They try to haunt me. Try to sink their nasty little teeth in, but this time I won’t let them. All those demons, just begging to inflict. All those witches, desperate and lonely for company. In the past, I welcomed them with open arms. They were my lovers, and I never wanted to let them go. But now I’ve grown tired. It’s time to cut those ties. Leave that junk behind, and breathe in the scent of real passion. Leave the dead and damned where they belong, and dance like you mean it. And that’s all that you can do. Let the shackles and chains of despair slip away. Free your bones of doubt. Open up your chest, and let your soul see all that it longs to see. It’s the only way there is. The only true path.

Clouds disperse. Shadows no longer carry meaning. Wind chimes and anticipation. Bubbling away, our pleasure can’t be contained. It tickles and burns. Eyebrows and belly buttons. The way her hair covers her face whilst she’s sleeping. The way she opens herself up. Playing games, she dissolves flesh and melts minds. Captivated, I lay down and watch in awe as she tease the mysteries of birth before my very eyes. The place where everything is born, spread wide and shown in all its haunting beauty. The hours escape me, but her touch is never far away. Songbirds and lullabies, echoing along the lane where truth sometimes passes. Pastures and rivers. Green fields and cheery trees, with branches shooting up into the ocean blue sky. This feeling, it’s unstoppable. Bursting with creation, it moves with the grace of god. Banish fear. Take it by the hand, and smile as it draws back in terror. Push yourself head first into oblivion. Dive into whatever cries your name, and break it down until it worships all that you are. Destroy every single atom, that doesn’t believe in what you feel inside. Moving wheels and lovers, circling the edges of something quite fantastic.

Birth. Shared between two beating hearts. Two souls, floating amongst the stars.

Dead Lovers




The days’ pass as they always do. Moments in time, like raindrops falling whilst you sleep at night. All of those smiles, and all of those embraces, swimming within your head. Visions of the past, shifting all around. Fleeting faces, with eyes as wide as stars. Burning into your tired, old heart. They hang there, beautiful and forever out of reach. And everything’s so, so beautiful really. Wrapped in sadness, and a desperate sense of longing, the landscape of loneliness and dreams dazzles with a truth that cuts through junk and banality with ease. Don’t waste yourself on your job. Don’t bow down to what others deem fit for you. Just find the one that you love, and never let them go. Create a doorway with the colours of your mind, and step through it hand in hand. Become something more than a marriage certificate. Paired off in the dismal pursuit of money and comfort, all these dead lovers, fading away like shooting stars. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing, walk a path that feels right. Take hold of the one you love, and leave the rest behind.

These days, they offer so much more. Take a little time to step aside and look around. It’s in the silence, that truth can be heard. It’s in standing still, that the way forward can be glimpsed. Don’t get caught up in the endless chase. Because before you know it, time will have run out. And there’s no going back, that’s for sure. The meaning of life is to be found in the embrace of a lover. In the taste of their lips, and the heat of their gaze. Love, will set you free. Not possessions and money. Love isn’t there to be used as a foundation for a happy life. It’s not there as a safety net. Some kind of ingredient. Love is to be worshiped, to be treated with as much respect as the wonder of life itself. Too many people go through life with their eyes shut. They follow others, and then they die, having never said a single word of meaning. They never took the time to realize what it was all about. All they could think of, was making it through as safely as possible. And for what? What’s the point of being like everyone else? Where’s the sense of wasting yourself? Death is the end. It’s not a victory march.

Time is against me. But I’m fighting as hard as I can, and that’s all I can do. Even when no one is listening, you have to keep on preaching, and believing in what you say. Have faith in every action, and the belief that love, really will set you free. The darkness should never be feared. Never be afraid, of what you don’t know. Strive for understanding. Search for secrets, and develop a hunger for the mysteries that elude you. Don’t hate those that look down on your outlook, only pity them for not having the guts to look inside themselves. It’s easier to be blind, than it is to see what’s really there. This journey, it will always shine on. This magic, is worth its weight in gold. All the pain, suffering and despair, not to be ashamed of, but to be proud of. Sometimes, you need to break down, in order to put yourself back together again in a better way. There needs to be hurt, in order for there to be knowledge. It’s not madness, only the realisation of what’s truly important. Open up your skull. Reach inside your chest. Find some meaning. Do it now, because tomorrow never comes.


She’s just like her mum, and he’s just like his dad. Forever feeling sorry for themselves, repeated day after day. She’s her own worst enemy, always creating trauma, when there’s simply no need. He could be happy, but he craves despair and melancholy. She’s only happy when she’s sad. Seeking oblivion through the embrace of yet another, and they’ll only be more broken promises to come. There’s no love to be found, only stinking penetration. The truth hurts. It’s a terrible thing. You can run from it all you like, but it’ll be forever stained into your skin. Stand before a mirror, and see all that you’ve done. Think of all those hands and mouths, devouring worn beauty. Maybe you can get away with it for now, but in a few years, you’ll be just another carcass. Another lonely wreckage, left by the side of the road. Think of all the pain you’ll feel, and think of how it’ll be all down to you. Oh, and such pain, smeared across tasteless lips.

There was a time, when my heart yearned for beauty. All that love, now rendered null and void with the passing of years. Should’ve been special, but beneath it all, there was only cheapness. How many other lovers will come and go? It’s difficult to tell. Love thrown away for love, such a foolish thing indeed. What gullible, simple hearts we must own. It makes me laugh something rotten. There’s no great depression, only embarrassment. The shame of being so naive, crawling over my pale face. Cry something pretty, just to get a little sympathy. Daughters can’t reclaim forgiveness, nor can sons. Forgotten ripples in forgotten lives. Life and love, swallowed by self obsession. Chewed up, and spat out more times than you’ll care to admit. All those faces, and all those promises. Discarded. All that beauty, left to wither and die. Bones and souls, crushed and dying in the wind. Tattered remnants, of all that could have been.