The Maelstrom Of Our Hearts

In the woods. In the forest. Gunshot wounds and flowering angel lips. Death, falling like leaves. Piles of rocks, symbols of witches. Broken branches, and shadows growing long like the day. Eyes for teeth. Tightened rope. There’s a river that flows back to the source. There’s a creek shaped like a womb. It gives birth to creation. It smells of new born babies. Like butter and milk, so heavenly and sweet. Lost within, and lost without. Freedom in destruction, swirling like the maelstrom in our hearts. Crosses carved in flesh. Scars as truth. Markers of faith. You wanted what you got, so now you live with it. You asked for these results, so now you stand by your choices. No going back, only forwards into the lonesome night.

Tears of guilt. So ugly and cheap. Dirty ol’ lies, flowing from plastic mouths. Junk food and junk of the hearts. Passive to beauty. Submissive to bland faces. Get with whoever. Fuck whatever. No attachment, just body parts, slipping in and out. Get drunk, and push away where you came from. Origin feared. Footsteps stained with doubt. Hand prints of lovers, fading with the passage of time. Doors to nowhere. Holy soil, once fertile now grey. So easy to be cruel. So indifferent to what it is to be in love with another. But time stands still for no one. Everything’s eventual. All choices have an outcome. All feelings lead to somewhere new. Open and natural. Tender with care. More like a woman, and less like a man.

The Great Attractor


As long as it exists, your mind will never be free. Burning dogs in Hiroshima. Genital Mutilation on the streets of Amsterdam. Cars buried in snow. Cigarettes perched on the tips of bony fingers. Tasty ripe breasts. Juicy like fruit. In mind and body, we merge like waves. Spinning plates and cloudless highs. Formentera Lady, spreading light years beyond the visible horizon. The universe between her legs. I watched as she touched herself. She sighed as I squeezed her nipples. We fucked until morning, and then we slept through til evening. These are things that once were. They existed, but now they do not. Only they still do. Somewhere out there, swimming with everything else in the big unknown. Flaming pigs in the fireplace. Her sex at my tongue. Her legs wrapped around my waist. Sexual conquerors, of a fearful new age. Stripped naked, she’d let me have her every single time. My hands around her hips, I’d trace my origins on the insides of her thighs. Footsteps of instinct. Layers of sexual shells, flowering beneath buzzing lights. Each and every month. From page to page and back again. The great maturbator. The great attractors, singing songs of love on the brink of some kind of nothingness. Lipless kissing, so sweet in her embrace. Open mouthed and crying as I do my thing again and again. Frozen lakes and stars in the sky. For her, and for every single breath she takes.

Come Sail Away


The still point of the turning world. Don’t talk about the weather, talk about love instead. Run fingers through auburn hair, and fall through the floor. Heartbeats echo. They spin without reason. Footsteps in the sand. Melting hands around hips so soft. Stars and cosmic rays, colliding like cars on the freeway. Music makes us smile, it makes our bodies sway in the glare of flashing lights. Moments, the type of which slip away so easily. Flowers growing in secret gardens, singing unseen until we find ourselves anew. Dying trees and feelings, existing in delicate spheres of desire. Tears, falling like April showers. Dust covered photos, resonating with truth. So vivid and alive, as if they were taken only yesterday.

It’s easy to be swallowed up by emptiness. To allow ourselves to give in. Sadness can be addictive, clinging naturally like skin. All those whispered words, left floating for eternity. Drifting like ghosts, those uttered truths growing cold in the shadows of our minds. They get lost and never return. Such a pity that we let go of what makes us happy. Such a waste, that we throw away those we love so tenderly and complete. Life is nothing more than a fleeting glimpse of something obscure. A tangled mess of miracles. Wonders of chance. Chaos, forever raging out of control. It comes and goes, just like everything else. Here today, obliterated tomorrow. So don’t let go, of those who come along so few and far in between. Don’t let go, of the chance of oneness. Sublime like sunrise, and delicate like fresh snow.

Who knows if you’ll ever get another chance, to make right all those trivial wrongs.

Who knows if the sky will come crashing down, when we were only just getting started.


swallow a mouthful of wine

swallow a mouthful of me

watch the smoke from my mouth

dance across your body

watch these hands

do what they want

girl afraid

just wishing to be touched

to be loved like only a lover should

so come on over


make us one with madness

let’s find a place where we belong

far away

from the trash of what others call life

Unknown Pleasures


All those boring fuckers. Y’know, the ones chained to rules and designs. The ones who surrender themselves to routines. To happiness portrayed in magazines. The cult of celebrity. All those dreary wasters, just longing to be free of identity. Faces in the crowd. Anonymous and happy in slavery. I too am a slave. Yet I am not happy. I use words to break away from all that binds me to the machines of modern living. My days are spent making money for others, but my nights belong to fire and wine. They burn with passion. Not physical alas, for my girl left me a long time ago. Instead, they burn with creation. The joys of seeing what lies beneath. Of all that remains hidden. Seeker of truth. Writer of unknown pleasures.

To be aware of ones own existence. Self awareness in a landscape of imitation. Speak something original, with a voice not monotone or forced. Stand up against the crushing waves of conformality. We’re human after all. Madness runs through our veins. The nature of the beast, only a heartbeat away. A mess of wonder, so wild and fierce. Dreams of the damned. Passion, pumping in our chests whilst we try so hard to remain composed. Just do yourself a favour, and let it all out. Get drunk on the idea of something more. Be who you always dreamed of being. Makes others proud. Make them tremble at the sight of your conviction. Don’t give two shits about anyone who thinks otherwise. Just be what you want to be.

Face the demons that haunt. Kick them down to the ground. Give them the finger, and gob on them as they shake with fear. Maybe once it was us who feared them, but not anymore. For now we are fearless. We, the freaks and geeks. We, the lost and found. Plague lovers bathed in moonlight. Eaters of sin. Believers in strength. Sexual beings, so lucid and howled. Don’t subscribe to cheapness. Never settle for anything less than amazing. Kisses that taste of birdsong. Embracing like dreamscape. Give yourself to those who make you feel alive. To those you think about night and day. The ones that make your bones hard with lust and desire.

In Heaven, Everything Is Fine

take hold of what I am, plug me in

feel the burn of a maddened, bad machine

eating your bones

scream those animal screams

as my body moves into yours

let me have

what I wan’t

let me have it all

every ounce of your flesh in my hands

oh, pretty girl

just give me a taste

of what you really are

take off those clothes, slide off that underwear

spread those muscles wide

so I can do my thing

real good

don’t fear me, just keep me in

until night comes to pass

for when morning calls

you’ll be begging me

to never

ever leave

Love And Footsteps


These people that throw away their love. These humans who let go far too easily. Such petty interests they hold dear. Such low opinions they must have of what happiness consists of. Life is quick. Better to go with the flow, than to take a moment to step back and look around. That’s how it is, isn’t it? Better to just become like everyone else, than to become who we really are. Deep inside, we’re made of wondrous stars. We made of a beauty far greater than we could ever imagine. Yet we keep it hidden. We keep it under lock and key. Even to those around us, we never let it be seen. Fear always prevails. Desperate hurt reigning supreme. Behind every smile, a sadness that will never leave.

You can see it in the way they move. So wary are they of showing weakness. Even when they appear so care-free, it’s etched into their eyes. It reaches out to be felt, yet they never stop moving long enough to be saved. Not until it’s too late anyhow. They become faces in the crowd. Faces in a sea of the same. Bland and plastic, every which way you turn. Words left unsaid. Emotion reduced to dust. So many opportunities, never embraced. And those years, they get behind you so quickly. Time is unforgiving. It’ll never let you go back. So take a deep breath, and throw the windows open wide. Make your way through the darkness, and into the night. Safety is waiting. You know where it is, so now’s the time to take that chance and run like hell.

It’s not difficult. All it takes is faith and guts. A spark we all have, yet which is muted by all but a few. These days, they glow so strange. They call my name. They show me all I need to know, yet still there are only questions. Loneliness plagues me, though it’s essential to what I’m becoming. A muffled voice, trying hard to be heard amongst the echoes of banality. It’s a struggle trying to honest, when the easiest thing is to lie. Being truthful leaves you open to attack. It makes you vulnerable, and there’s nothing worse than that. That’s why it’s easy to be cruel. So much simpler to turn your back and look the other way. It’s a cowards way though. A hopeless path, that leads only to oblivion. To fight for love and freedom, even when you’re doomed to fail- now that’s something more. Something with substance, and something with meaning. To live for a cause not motivated by greed and fear.

Love And footsteps.

They came to me when I was lost.

And now they shine bright, even when the world seems so heartless and damned. Even when the future is so unclear, I cling to them like a lover, and praise that time when I finally opened my eyes. Do the same, and do it now.