Her beauty slithers through the night. She’s champagne, bubbling beneath a crescent moon. She comes around without warning. A warm soul, burning with a passion when others are just so lifeless. The spice in her veins. The truth of her footsteps. On thin ice, we dance because we mean it. We bleed because we feel it. In a pretty dress, she’s just herself. Pain and embarrassment, not denied but remembered. All those days of shame, scrapped off and cast aside like trash. Truth and honesty, more sensual than a million painted faces. The nature of who she is, more real than a world full of shadows. It’s in her chemistry. In the way she smiles without fear. Those timeless moments of time, when she brightens even the most hopeless of souls. To dream yourself away. To be in her arms with everything else left behind. Cold winter mornings, alive like the love in her eyes. We shiver like black eyed dogs, and although we’re little more than strangers, we become as one through the language of the soul. Together we are blameless. Through devotion to a greater cause, we shine brighter than a billion dying stars. Tongue tied through butterflies. Mirrored like angels, swimming in a sea of catastrophe.


Heaven Scent

Distant galaxies. The gaze of her eyes. Stars and planets, drifting in eternal darkness. Love like snow, falling upwards towards the clouds. Flashing lights. Flowers in the rain bouncing like cigarettes. A sequence of events that comes together like bombs upon a fading eastern town. Cold and wet graveyards. Dead leaves on the dirty ground. Zig-zag patterns on a carpet. Arms around each other with fate calling from somewhere unseen. In a mound of dirt, hope is buried along with the morning dew. In a box of secrets, the key to future romance swells beyond recognition. The steam of innocence. The crumbling facade of indifference. Screaming trees. Babies and wolves howling to the new born moon. In heaven, everything is fine. In hell, we damn ourselves with ill-discipline. Torn fragments of warmth. Chattering teeth. Fear of birth. So many nights that have become nothing. Echoes of future past, haunting with ease. Figures on a sixpence, spinning in the gutter. The perfume of a lover, gushing like temptation. Cheating hearts and tainted flesh. In a pool of desire, we come undone to cute birdsong. We feel alive with the words of our saviour. Rock and bone. Little slices of death. Give yourself to enlightenment. To cherubs and dwarves. Smoke a cigarette, and swallow any reservations. In the court of no one in particular, we often come apart. The child inside, crying out to be saved. So many loose ends. So many waves, just begging to be surfed.


Useful Is Beautiful


be beautiful beneath a

sinking sun

cling to winter leaves as though each one were a secret

waiting to be told

let the soulful ones

get beneath your armour

let them break apart everything

you ever tried to protect

breathe in freedom

surrender to all that makes you hurt

the only way is through

in the arms of a lover


in the arms of faith

we all break down, it’s about how we stand up again

god knows we do it often enough

Poetry #3

Just A Girl

these bees, they swarm between hazy minds

she’s just a girl

and I’m just a boy

from smile to smile a crow quickly flies

 these days, they swim across

loves hushed hands

caressing the ones that needs undressing the most

shards of shards

bodies coming together

spirits glistening like snow

we laugh and we want, because that’s how we feel

eyes alive

and hearts burning like trees in a raging fire

my darling tonight

just hold me tight

Poetry #3

On Aphex Twin


A great piece of writing on one of my favourite artists by my friend of twenty years.

Originally posted on jimmicampkin:

I can remember the first time I heard an Aphex Twin song, and it would go onto become my favourite – a song that I would carry with me were I stranded on a desert island with only seven songs to occupy me for the rest of my life.  In 1999, whilst groin deep in nu-metal and teenage insecurity, I saw ‘Windowlicker‘ on MTV.  It was not love at first sight, but the briefest glimpse towards a new reality, a fast moving train passing through a station.  This strange and bizarre record confused me at first, but enough to want to see and hear it again, and in 1999 it was his breakout hit.  The stuttering beats, the ambient waves of sound and the constant clockwork groan of a distorted voice – I’d never heard anything like this before.  And then there was the video.  A disturbing satire…

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Eternal Sunshine

That moment when someone steps into your life and completely overwhelms you. You tried building a wall to keep others out, but then pops along a soul who breaks through your barriers with ease. You tried to make yourself out of stone, but she came along and made you melt like a snowman beneath a shining sun. From the moment you first saw her, you felt yourself smile for the first time in months. That true smile. The genuine kind which can’t be forced. The kind that comes from within. You’re still only strangers, but there’s a connection between the two of you that goes beyond what is known. There’s something about her that makes you feel alive. There’s something in the way she moves, that makes you want to know all of her secrets. So gentle and sincere, she has all the grace in the world. Like a butterfly, she makes you look at her with wonder. She’s got spice in her for sure, but there’s something tender in her gaze that makes you want her with all you have. She blushes as you approach. She makes your stomach tie itself into knots. There’s magic in the way you engage. It happens so fast, but these feelings can’t be denied. You want to take her in your arms and drift to someplace safe. To a place far away from harm. You want to taste who she is. To lose yourself in the sweetness of her embrace. It’s madness, but it always is when it’s for real. She’s in your blood. She’s dancing within your mind. The one you’ve been waiting for. All these years, there’s always been someone just out of reach. Others come and go. They give and they take. And then she appears, the one who reduces you to a giddy kid. It can’t be put into words. It’s just not possible. She’s more than poetry. More than just a collection of words. She’s eternity in a sunrise. A language of beauty that will never be deciphered. The missing piece of a puzzle. This isn’t a full stop. It’s the start of something more. A journey that has no destination. Burning meteors, so brilliant and amazing in the endless darkness.


Are You Awake?


All those freaks. Those fucked up losers trying to cling to things that aren’t even there. Lost and weak. Heads full of stupid ideas. Hearts full of love with nowhere to go. Always fearful. Always regretting what can’t be undone. So many mistakes. So many wrong turns. But where’s the fun in fitting in? Where’s the point of being bland and normal? All those useless souls, drifting in cities of dark glass. Cold and alone, they shiver behind empty smiles. Empty like buildings, and empty like broken promises. Sometimes footsteps, sometimes words. It slips through your fingers, and it slips around your waist like my tired, wanting hands. Beauty in perfection just wont do. It comes in the way you shine so shyly. It comes in the passing of a season. In the darkened streets of our town, we find what it feels like to be found again. Smoke a cigarette and watch the children play. Watch the way they run with hope the way you used to. Know that inside, the madness of the kid you once were is still alive. Don’t let the adult world drag you down. Kick it in the face and be stupid all you want. Love the ones that make you happy. Let go of everyone else. Play games in May. Be a winter lover. Romance keeps us warm. It links us to the stars that have been dead for millions upon millions of years. Drink a little whiskey, and fly like Peter Pan through the clouds at night. Find someone that makes you feel alive. Let them light the spark of desire. Let them in, and keep them close. Don’t be cruel, just be open. A little truth and a whole lot of devotion. Just a simple guy. Just another lonely plague lover, swimming in a sea of creation. There’s more than this, but you have to see with open eyes. You have to reach out and touch what makes you feel alive. Who can say where we really belong? Who can say where the future will take us? Yet right now, lets come together and share these brief moments of existence. I want to close my eyes and feel you in my arms. I want to hide in your mind and never come out. Wrap your arms around someone who does it differently. Leave the crowd behind and embrace a vision like no other. In a time of evil and indifference, make a stand for who, and what, you really want. If it runs through your veins, then it must be worth fighting for. Are you awake? I hope you are.