A childish grin. A devilish tongue with eyes as teeth. It’s too hot to wear that dress. So take it off, and let me do questionable things to that once sinless husk. Wanting what I’ve got, you take baby steps while my fingers release the latch of your bra. There’s something in the way it slides down your arms that make my gums bleed. Head throbbing and bones popping, I spill my truth all over that body of yours. But really it’s mine. Every piece of you, surrendering as I make you beg never to stop. My mouth tasting the vanilla essence of the space between your breasts, I’ve returned to the sea. La Mer. The two of us swimming in sin, with only flesh to keep us company. Creatures of nature. Seeking always, the heat of bliss. The frenzy, of soft release. There’s something in the way we merge. There’s something in the loneliness that pumps through our veins. In the darkness as we try to fall asleep. A thousand voices, calling to us through the wind. It’s obscure and beyond words. Somehow, we are one and the same. Distance no object. Fading days and hurt rendered meaningless. Knowingly searching for secrets. The gaze of lovers, shapeless and sensual. Greedy lips, licking so eagerly. An intake of breath. The seconds when we’re motionless. Timeless, we move through barriers with no restriction. All acts of others, of no interest whatsoever. Intimacy. It shouldn’t be forced. It should flow freely like a river. It should smother like a pillow. That certain someone who makes your heart flutter with ease. The memory of touch. The sensation of lust. All senses succumbed. Smoke a cigarette. Swallow some whiskey. Think of them laying next to you, the madness behind their eyes setting you alight. Chin upon a shoulder, arm around a waist. Cup her breast. Tweak her nipple. Remove your clothes. Strip off the bedsheets. Place your lips beneath her navel. Place them where it makes her sigh to the heavens. Hear her cry as you take her to the brink. The walls of restraint, soon crumbling down. Oblivion. In every atom of her body, trembling at your touch.

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