Alone With Love And Lust

Before my eyes, diamonds dazzle as we move through layers of time. Blowing rings of smoke, the lights above us disappear. Waters rising, our teeth touch as tongues taste secrets so reckless and divine. Glittering eyes, so wild with feverish heat. Shadows dancing beneath careless bodies, passions breaks the silence of shy minds. Hands on throats. Lips kissing lucid, illuminated by angel dust. Faces turned to heaven, gasping for air. Mouths open. Standing on the edges of existence. Closer to god. Closer to a state of oblivion. Animal hearts, so cruel and obscure. Instinct, wrapped around pretty little wrists. Perfectly fucked. Perfectly torn apart by the longing to be taken and broken apart. Give me release. Give me everything. Make me throw it all away. Take these chains, and rip them from my flesh. Hold me down, and give me just what I deserve. On your hands and knees, worship your maker. Wish me in you. Wish yourself into my arms. Bite me. Infect me with your love. Let me taste every inch of the woman you are. Physical sin, so dirty and fine. Burning lovers. Dangerous and tender souls, just begging to be saved from the emptiness of modern life. Two lost souls, clinging on to something more than just life. Arm in arm, and far beyond reason. Screaming for something more. Something dark and wonderful, that no one else could ever understand. Nothing lasts forever. So lets dance and get lost. Lets dream of a future, where it’s just us and the night sky, alone with the universe. Alone with love and lust.

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  1. Your journey into writing sounds so similar to mine. I’d write something just like this, but your style is just so unique. Love ‘tongues taste secrets so reckless and divine’. Beautiful, passionate 🙂

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