Death Rattle

Against the cruel. Against the uncaring. Too many evils where only love should be. Majestic and horrifying in equal measure, sometimes the beauty gets so much that you don’t know what to do with yourself. Sometimes, the darkness is inescapable, swallowing all in its path. Such a mess of existence. Such a waste of chance. Animals slaughtered. Innocence shattered. The weak stamped upon over and over again until their skulls crack beyond repair. This world wasn’t made for those with tenderness. It was designed for obedient slaves and murderers. A heaven for sinners, and hell for those who speak a language untouched by the scum who vaporise good intentions. It’s a knife in the gut while you gaze up at the stars. It’s a bullet between the eyes as you’re making love. Massacres as frequent as rain. Devastation a birthright. Religion and the culture of consumption. The sense of self-worth, more important than care and consideration for others. Every action manipulated. Every thought ridiculed. Help me to leave it all behind; to be free of the damned who want only to make me in their own image. Do everything you can to help us disappear to somewhere they can’t fathom. Take a moment to realise, that the only place they can’t get to us, is in the dreams we cling to within our broken heads. Only they aren’t broken. They never have been. It’s them who are fucked, not us.

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