Girl Afraid



A photograph of her final moments before she became just another girl. It’s never cut and dry, yet there are always exceptions. Being self-absorbed never did anyone any good, not least someone in possession of such beauty. Hiding from the light behind layers of pretence, some use it as a turn on- the same ones who’ll be the first to walk away when they see the girl behind the smile. Don’t fear your fears. From the first moments of creation that follow the fall to the initial seconds of thought the morning after. Each one is to be cherished; to be worn with pride. It’s in your style of beauty as you cocoon yourself in dreams. Like the petals of a flower, your armour always falls away. My love for you is strange. It’s based on a system of fury where once there was only love. But nothing compares. It never did and never will. It’s a silent confession, although I’m sure the trees will share it when they’re good and ready. So many strained thoughts as you care only about how others see you. So many teenage scars as you tried so hard to hide from what you saw inside. Seize the day I say, and shake your hips to the rhythm of bloodlust. The sights behind my eyes never lie, they distort but never lie. Snowfall to mark our descent; each snowball a sign of our intent. It’s in the impressions we make on fresh bedsheets, and how the dust settles on our eyelids as the hours fade unnoticed. Turn off the lights and merge. Purge every little thing that stops you from being who you need to be most. Figures on the threshold of unbecoming; lovers against waves of doubt.

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