Eaters Of Darkness


You’ve got the money, but I’ve got the soul. Ain’t no romance in plastic culture. Ain’t no birth in sedated smiles. Creation swirls in the eyes of autumn lovers. Gothic women, and bearded machines. Too many dust filled relics of dead end visions. Life as magic, not tasks performed for dollars and cents. Trapdoors and hidden suns. Dancing spirits where dreams know not of reality. The hands of time dispersing as the giddy mist of perfume mixes with the madness behind my cracked skull. Deep within my mind, everything swims. Symbols of faith and love, shining like pools of water beneath a milk-white moon. Imagery as faith. Freedom of thought worshipped through the thick and thin.To be acceptable has no meaning for me. To be confined by others expectations leaves me indifferent. My emotions and dreams are what matters most. Nothing else. The beauty of creation and the tender faces of those who make themselves known through the haze of lost days. Only they interest me, and only they are worth fighting for. Artist. Writer. Loser. Outsider. Underachiever. Whatever. They all mean less than zero. Life’s about looking beyond the outlines. It’s about seeking a truth not visible to the naked eye. Hold your breath, and take my hand. Follow me beneath the sheets, and taste the secrets I have to offer. Take off that dress, and bend like a flower in my hands. All that you think you know, forget. Give yourself to the moment. To the chance of passing feelings.

In an ocean of mystery, surrender yourself to the sound of hushed words. Come now, and spread wide that tired flesh. Let the rain fall and the winds blow. Let the world turn regardless. It’s not sacrifice if it’s what your heart truly desires. I’m not insane, just a lover on the edge of the universe. My body is flesh and bone, but beyond that, I’m far removed from those I resemble most. Beyond the outer shell, there can only be wonder. Others play the game, but my wish is only to merge with you all through the night. Let’s disappear to a place not known. Dancing invisibly and floating through the heavens to stars that died untold aeons ago, don’t be afraid of finding your voice. Speak the truth, and marvel at the chaos it brings. Watch with fascination as everything changes through the conviction of your words. They’ll be disdain and doubt for sure, but all that matters is the power of belief. Sing your mantras, even if no one else is listening. Preach to the abyss. Be disciplined. Be lazy. Don’t succumb to the lifeless ghosts that walk head down around you. Don’t believe in the cheap little lies they paint with not one ounce of dignity. Stand alone. Sleep in a tangled mess of hopes and fears. Honesty is never ugly: only cowards fear the light. All those non-believers, so plain and terribly boring. Be yourself. Deceived by no one, we know where we belong, and we know exactly what’s waiting for us.

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  1. So tell me this, at the end of the world, will there only be two of us left – with our heads raised, up above the clouds? Brilliant. ❀

  2. Got me a little teary eyed. But this is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts of yours.

    Sharing is caring. Lol πŸ™‚

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