Bad Romance



We listen to The Smiths and it’s raining and it’s winter and we’re in love because the clouds say so even though we can never understand a single thing they come out with. Maybe it’s because we’re drunk on sambuca shots and green tea and the scent of blankets drenched in citrus spray we use to ward off the spiders and mosquitos with that try so hard to invade the dreams we caress in the broken chunks of sleep that never seem enough. Maybe we kiss as if it doesn’t really mean that much or could it be that we’ve had our eyes on each other since the moment we became aware of our morbid and silly lives that revolve around childhood dreams and the taste of popcorn in our favourite cinema- the one where we discovered the meaning of oneness while laughing at Jim Carrey falling over in some bar like he’s done so many times before. From a slumber that drags to a summer we never want to end, there’s a girl but there’s not just one. There are so many who shine, but they can never touch the one who creates origami elephants only to let them float downstream never to be seen again with tears of laughter mixing with tears of sadness. The end of a relationship is a beautiful thing indeed because isn’t that the only time we end up telling each other the truth? Isn’t it so strange that only when we’re out of each other’s hair, do we have the guts to say it how it is? Love is only love because of the pain that makes it feel so transient and delicate, like a plaster peeling off a cut knee, or the sight of a small boy doing all he can to run from a future that has no place for him. This heartache; may it last until long after I’m gone. May it render me numb and unable to breathe until a hundred years from now a damned lover just like me walks past my grave and wonders what became of that man. What did he do with his life, who did he love, and how did he touch the lives of those around him? These days that turn into months and these memories that flicker and linger and chew and chomp more than they ever should, how they make me laugh until I cry just like her.

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  1. This is amazing writing SK. I would so like to reblog this or link it but find no way. Some writers don’t want their work reblogged and that is fine, but this is so beautiful it begs to be shared. At any rate, hats off my friend! 🙂 xo

    • Oh, that’s a shame. I haven’t disabled the reblog button, so maybe there’s a bug with it. I’m honored by your gesture though! I wrote this while watching (500) Days of Summer. Brought back a lot of memories xo

  2. I can always count on you to write something interesting. One thing that I live by is telling people how they make me feel. There’s no point in holding back. Whether they believe me or not is a different story.

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 I agree with your philosophy. We’re a long time dead, so we need to express ourselves at every opportunity and not hold anything back. If we have feelings for others, they should be explored, not left to wither x

  3. I’m not sure why but I ended up at this particular post and I needed to read it. Ugh I wish there were more time and I always say that, but heck I’ll say it again, I wish there were more time 🙂 ‘The end of a relationship is a beautiful thing indeed because isn’t that the only time we end up telling each other the truth?’ That’s so true for so much art/life isn’t it? You do it so beautifully.

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