You Fly Straight into My Heart



In the subway by the train station, I pull you aside and grip your skinny wrists. You with those almond eyes- how could I ever resist. You with those lips that speak to me of obscenity- how could these hands do anything other than make you mine. Cold so cold we dart through traffic trying to find yet another secret place to call our own. It reminds me of those games of kiss chase played back in the innocent days of our childhood along with the taste of packets of Monster Munch bought from the tuck shop in our old junior school. Oh, those endless days when our hearts danced without fear of death only the fear of homework, what I would give to have them back. As the rain comes down and we shelter beneath a tree, we hold our arms above our heads and reach for the branches that hang low enough to touch. When we return home and listen to Stars and nibble each other’s ears, the scent of autumn upon your neck makes my heart bloom in ways so many would never believe. As you rest your head on my shoulder, I ask you to tell me what it feels like to be alive. That if you can, to make sketches of your life so that I may better understand what it is to be human because being human is something that doesn’t come easy. Let me breathe every breath you take. Let me cradle you like the lamb of God and keep you safe like you do to me when the rug is pulled yet again from under my two left feet.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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