Extract #3 The Killer Spreads His Broken Wings

An endless stream of traffic choking the town, the train took me a few blocks south. My pulse racing as those around me went on with their useless routines, unaware of the scent of death that lingered on my clothes, it wasn’t long before I was heading towards a phone booth situated outside a derelict library. With only a few drunken insects on the sidewalk and the booth papered with sex posters hiding me from view, I stepped inside and dialled the police. Waiting for someone to answer, I touched the warm gun in my pocket and smiled as the girls dead body swam in my mind. Out of breath and manic, it took me a few seconds to realise that someone had answered and was asking me to state what service I required. “I don’t want any service”, I replied. “Are you telling me you do not require an emergency service?” Said the woman. “I don’t want any service”, was my response once more. “Could you tell me what you require then, sir?” “I’m calling to let you know that I just shot two kids in a parked car. I won’t tell you their location though, you’ll only try and stop me before I get going” I said calmly. “Am I to believe you have shot two people, sir?” “Yes. I shot the girl in the throat and chest and the guy in the hand, then in the head. I left my mark on her like on the others too, to make known my footsteps.” “Sir, I need to establish..” I cut her off before she had the chance to continue. “You’ll find them soon enough, and there will be more as well, believe me.” “Sir..” “Know that their deaths are a means to an end. Their bodies may be broken, but their souls have fuelled the way for me to travel forwards. They have brought me both the past and the future, and eventually, they will bring me her.” “Sir..” There was no stopping me now. “I know you’d love me to stand around and chat, but the next ones are waiting. Each and every one, waiting for me to deliver them, to transform them into something far beyond the realm of your dim understanding.” With the sound of raised voices in the background, I ended the call. “Goodbye.” Hanging up, I wiped the receiver clean then hurried along the strip before catching a taxi out of the immediate area.

Travelling several blocks east until the fine cafés and bars of the better part of town greeted me with their phoney opulence, I paid the driver for his trouble then walked over towards a little place set off from the main road. Approaching the leafy seating area outside a joint called ‘The Cedar Bar’, I sat myself down behind an ornate wooden fence so I was partially hidden from view. Lighting a cigarette, my eyes drifted from the other drinkers to the road beyond until two cop cars sped past heading in the direction I’d just come from. Their sirens cutting through the air as everyone around me erupted into confused chatter, I dug my fingernails into the palms of my hands in anticipation of what was to follow. Signalling to the waitress, the redhead strutted over to my table.Unconcerned with the growing unrest around her, the pretty young thing asked me what I wanted with a cheeky grin on her lips. Doing my best to appear carefree and charming despite the adrenaline pumping through my veins, I ordered a whiskey and told her to have whatever she wanted as well. Smiling as she went off to fetch the drinks, I flicked my cigarette to the floor then took several deep breaths to calm my nerves. With more cop cars speeding past, I was soon on the edge of my seat.Making their way to either the dead teenagers or the phone booth I’d made the call from, I sat there with the sun on my face and the scent of perfume in the air knowing I was playing a dangerous game. Sauntering back over with my drink as I sat there in a daze, the waitress attempted to flirt with me, but the only thing I cared for was taking the whiskey from her hand. The faces around me dissolving as the glass quickly ran dry, I could see the place clearly in my mind. It was an ordinary lot, yet it would bare witness to an act of truth that would take me yet another step closer. Soon knocking back a second glass, I struggled to contain myself.

My head spinning as I got to my feet, a pang of sadness hit me when I thought about the waitress, for in some other time and place I could have asked her out on a date. Could have enjoyed the pleasures of a simple man even. But all of that was beyond me now. Lighting a cigarette whilst moving through the tables of drinkers, the absence of sirens reassured me that it was safe to resume my journey. Keeping my head down as the streets above me disappeared, I was quickly engulfed in the neon glow of the underground lights of the subway. Preparing myself for what was to follow whilst boarding the train, I pictured her as she’d been in the field of golden corn. Her hair blowing in the wind as the portal vibrated around us, the energy of her love pumped through my body like a drug. The sensation of ecstasy coursing through me, a few minutes later and I was hurtling towards the ones who were next in line to fall.

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