Dangerous Days

There’s a man by the side of the road. Mummified and spewing, his life is slipping away. Fingers clinging onto fragments, digging in with the fear of god. Of ulcers, bleeding and cancer black. Riddled with tongues, he rolls on the ashes of scorched asphalt. Self inflicted cuts. Torn muscle and open wounds. Too much drinking, alcohol singing to the tune of self disgust. His innards are poisoned. Reeking, of the woman who got away. Dissolving like acid, like the fluid in his mouth that passes so freely. Don’t touch him, just watch as he writhes around in agony. There’s too many like him, caught in the morning sun. I’m on my way to work, and there he is. A mess of a human being, a wreck of abandon. Rotting on the sidewalk. The smell of sulphur in the air, I rush past not wanting to be infected. His vile kind, are far too many and the likes of me far too few. The paramedics help him, but I say let him rot. Let the sun burn him away. With the horizon dancing with a sequence of labias finely tuned and mosaic, let this mess of man go. Dead blood and tightened throats, the thickening veins of abuse tighten with every beat of his dying heart. Years of imploding, decades of drowning in the mire. Grabbing handfuls of words, I throw them at him and laugh. Place the tyre around his torso, then fill it with gasoline.

Watch the flames dance. Rid the world of yet another decaying soul.

Opening the paper, the face of a man I know. They reckon he killed his daughter.  No more innocence, only heartache. What makes a man harm his little girl? What makes a man crush the life out of one so young? Is it demons or fear? Mental illness or evil? Did he snap after years of breaking down, or did he just give up? So many questions, so much loss when there should only be love and green fields of tomorrow. How can you go on living in a world like this? How can anyone go another day surrounded with such horrors?

One things for sure though, she’ll never call him daddy again.

Fearful of purity, troubled by honesty. There’s an angel who forgives, when forgiveness shouldn’t be an option. Her wingspan is immense, her feathers so brilliant that I have to look away. In their shadow, I’m reduced to rubble. Eclipsing sinking suns, they glow and dazzle. On the shores of suburban hell, they shine like lovers in the backseat of cars. I’m not tired but I fall asleep. Snapping ropes and holes, there’s no release, only crawling figures in the dark. Gasping for air, I awake with a dead arm with the moon hanging in the darkened sky above. Outside, the  night is alive with cries as another monster wriggles around intoxicated in the gutter. A crowd soon gather round, itching to inflict. Stripping him naked, they cut him with broken bottles of glass. Slicing his jugular, they cheer as a waterfall of crimson sex splatters their feet. Cut off his cock. Tie his hands behind his back, then mutilate his face. Mans inhumanity to man, pornographic and obscene. Glorified and constant, and more importantly, without end.

Hiding myself in the closet, I beg for everything to be okay, to return to the safety of my childhood.

But there’s no escape.

The only way out is through, and this maze will keep me prisoner for as long as it can.

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