Tell Her How She Makes You Feel

The problem with life is there’s always tomorrow. It’s the bane of living. All those things you want to do, those words you want to say. They should be done today, but you always put them off. You tell yourself it can wait. Maybe tomorrow things will be better. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be more confident. But it’s a crock. I often think what a waste my life would be if I were to fall beneath the wheels of a bus without having plucked up the courage to embrace today. You think you’ve got all the time in the world, but it’s the biggest mistake going. It’s the worst kind of illusion there is. For years now, there have been so many times when I’ve wanted to tell people how I’ve felt, and then backed down and convinced myself that it should wait til another day. When things were more in place perhaps. All those truths, itching to be told, always delayed. Being open is a scary thing, and to be hurt, well, it hurts like hell. But life is too delicate to place your hopes and dreams in the hands of tomorrow. Yet we still do it, each and every day. I guess it’s safe, and we all feel as though we’ve got so much time, but it’s a mistake. The world is a dangerous place. Murder, accidents, natural selection. They’re on our doorstep every day. The threat of being snuffed never far from our minds, yet we always leave things until they’re too late. Maybe we don’t want to be open to attack, or perhaps we feel the need to maintain an image. I hold my hands up on both counts. I refrain from saying things for fear of rejection, and certain feelings are kept hidden so as not to appear weak. Y’know, not wanting to say you’re lonely, or that you’re struggling with things. Best to keep quiet and leave it. Perhaps then, things will be better. Maybe if you keep it locked up, everything will turn out okay. But it never does. All you end up with is regret, and that’s something you can never shake off. It stays with you, always mocking and true.

Regret is the child of tomorrow, and it’s travelled back through time just to watch you fall. It needn’t be that way. With a little courage and a little heart, things could be so different. Imagine telling someone just how much they meant to you. Sure, it could all end in tears. But there would be no more ‘what ifs’. Imagine seizing the opportunity and doing something that you never had the guts to do before. Carpe Diem. Do it. Forget about tomorrow, forget about the potential for failure and embrace the power you have right now at your fingertips. The most amazing moments in my life have come about when I’ve taken a risk. Those moments when I’ve put myself out on a limb, just because I’ve felt the situation was worth it. I’m not a believer in God, and there’s no grand design. But there is opportunity. Fleeting moments of happiness that are worth grabbing at any cost. We’re a long time dead; that’s for sure. Maybe when I wake tomorrow, I’ll follow my advice. Maybe, I’ll tell someone just how much they mean to me. How much I breathe them in, and how they fill me with life just thinking about them. Sure it could end badly, but why hold back any longer. Life can be so beautiful at times, so beautiful you feel at one with everything and the shadows of your mind no longer make the world a strange and fearful place. What a shame it would be to let it all go to waste. When it’s in your hands to make the most of everything in your power, why give in to apathy when a chance for happiness is there for the taking. Open the windows wide, and give yourself to the magic of now.

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    • I really glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I also enjoyed your own post (plus all your others that I’ve read too). Surfacing thoughts, awareness.. Whatever you want to call it..When it comes, it’s always a pleasure and a thrill to let it all come out!

      I look forward to reading more outbursts very soon 🙂

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