Howling To The Moon

Let me take you by the hand, and show you the horrors of what will be. Let me peel open my skull, and let the flashing lights blind you with abandon. My hands around your heart, I can feel the trembling waves of guilt that overcome you. The linguistics of my madness blossoming in your mind, all you can do is give yourself to me, for I am the one who will set you free. Embracing the waste, I howl to the moon with rage. I can’t remember their names, only the tears in their eyes. My only concern, is how they make me feel. The horizon shining darkly as the stars burn in the sky above, my love is displayed in myriad shades of red. The kind you get when you can see your own insides. Low on self esteem and low on desire, I’m a make-believe lover running out of ideas. My nerves picked clean out, hope leaves me like the smoke from my dirty mouth. Been smoking too long, been chasing too many ghosts through fields of golden corn. Only now I’m changing, feeding off the fear that you bring.

A trail of skeletonized lullabies. Footsteps leading to a well of teenage despair. Suckle and bite she says. Treat me just right, and I’ll do anything. Take me away from this hell then, for I want no part of its decay. Its dreadful infection. Modern life is cancer and cure. It’s what we need and detest. Foaming at the mouth, it drains me to be part of something so detestable, yet I can’t help but feed on what it breeds. All those women. Those begging mouths lusting for my touch. The touch of a nowhere man. They call me a monster, they say I’m inhuman, yet I’m just a little boy wanting to belong. Don’t rain down the blows, just give me a little compassion. Don’t run from me, just give me an ear to lend. Drunken and forever, when they get too close I’ll bite their necks in ecstasy. My teeth sinking in, they know I’m after more than just flesh, only they keep on pretending. They keep on acting like it’s just what they need. I grow so bored though. The games they play, it’s all so tiresome. I want something harder. Something to stir the demons within. Downing a whiskey as old photographs burn my corneas, all I can do is will myself to her across the landscape that separates us. The  fields of limbo, bleak and introvert and reeking of regret.

Spirits rising as the night revels all, my soul sways as past futures grip her tightly as she sleeps. Breathe deep and let me in. Let me become all you ever wanted. There’s no denying what I am, and what I bring to you so truthfully. Rolling thunder and aching limbs galore, I’m the one that creeps ever close. The one that lurks in the hope of catching you when you’re feeling weak. In the woods when everything is alive and hungry, the animals gather round as we engage. A cobweb of eyes shining on us as we collide. Our ritual act, so quickening and true. Pornogrpahic and golden, like forbidden fruit and videotapes. My hands are weapons, yet they tickle you real cute. I’m a magician, always ready to conjure the obscene. No one could know what we do to each other. No one could dare fathom the depths we delve in order to make ourselves feel real.

And to be real is all there is when the nightmare has no end.

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