The Way She Hushes

There’s something about her gaze. How she can melt away the barricades of your heart, with just the simplest of smiles. She has you wrapped around her finger, hook, line, and sinker. Being caught was something you wanted. You allowed it to happen because to be her victim was just too pleasurable an offer to turn down. It doesn’t matter about anything else, about how much of a sucker you are for her. As long as she’s looking into your eyes, that’s what counts. As long as she knows just how she makes you feel, then you couldn’t ask for anything more. She teases with ease like it’s some kind of gift. She knows what buttons to press, and just how to get you off. She knows these words are about her, and she knows she’s all you think about. How must it make her feel, to have someone’s heart in the palm of her hand? How does it make her feel, to be the lifeblood of someone no matter what they say or do? She doesn’t even have to try. There’s no pretending, and there’s no lying. She’s not perfect. There’s plenty to be found in her that’s wrong. You could spend all day picking at her faults, and there’s plenty who could run their mouths when asked about her past. But it’s all part of the allure, of what makes her so irresistible. Why it’s so impossible, to get her out of your head. Her nature is intoxicating. Her very essence a drug you can’t stay away from. There have been others you’ve shared yourself with, but none has left a footprint on your soul quite like her. There have been others you’ve taken to bed and given your heart to, but none has left you so thirsty for more. The world is full of endless possibilities, of infinite faces that surround you every way you turn, and yet you keep coming back to just one, for she and she alone makes you feel like no other. Maybe it’s chemistry, or maybe something to do with the mysteries of love? Whatever it is, there’s no escaping it. Fate perhaps? Who can tell? What you can tell, though, is that she’s the one. The one you can’t see past, who obscures everyone else in sight. Beyond the hold she has on you, there’s nothing else to be seen. No reasons left to find. How you hate her for it. Hate her for doing this to you. The way she makes you feel, the anger that flares inside. The pain she causes making you beg for more, making you intent on showing her just how deep your love runs. She already knows, though. She’s just pushing you to see how far you’ll go. To see how much you’ll admit to. To what truths you’re willing to declare in the name of sacred love. She’s a bitch. The most beautiful bitch you ever dreamt of finding.

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  1. Oh how I love this. It reminds me that I’ve had maybe 2 men in my life who’ve desired me this much and had that reciprocated, but who I no longer know. I would like to experience that longing again. I expect it may never happen and that’s fine, but wouldn’t it be nice…? Rhetorically.

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