Autumn Eyes

All is serene, and my body feels good as I step into the garden. Sitting cross-legged on the grass, I roll a cigarette while listening to birdsong. It’s a beautiful sound, and as the birds fly above my head between the trees, the smell of freshly cut grass makes the moment that little bit sweeter. Lighting my cigarette, I reminisce over the times we shared together. Autumn Eyes, the one who holds my heart so keenly. Blowing out mouthfuls of smoke, I catch sight of a squirrel climbing a fence then hopping onto next doors shed. He looks at me with slight concern, then dashes up a nearby tree before disappearing from view. Leaning back with the sun on my face, I close my eyes and picture her in my arms. It’s times like these when you appreciate those moments of intimacy. Those hours when the world stopped turning. Sitting there half asleep as the afternoon sun glides across the sky, next doors cat comes and lays down next to me. Sunning itself by my side, I think of Autumn Eyes and the way she makes me feel. I could try and describe it, but words wouldn’t do the emotions any justice. Anyone can spill out words of love and commitment. Talk is cheap, especially when it has no real meaning. When they’ve been repeated so many times to so many passing faces. It’s easy to pretend, to say what you think someone wants to hear. God knows I’ve done it myself, but with her, there’s no need to lie. No need to pamper her with false lullabies. She knows the way I feel, for she can see it in my eyes. Whenever they connect with hers, she can see all that I am. Every atom in my body, tingling at the thought of taking her in my arms, and placing my lips on hers. Every last bit of me, tasting the nature of what she is. A cool breeze stirring me from slumber, I look at the clothes that are hanging out to dry. The expression on her face when I told her I was going to parade around the house in her panties. The way she frowned and wrinkled her nose. She loves it when I tease. She claims otherwise, but I know it to be true. She’s missed how frustrating I can be. For it comes out in her smile and the way she makes me do it again. With the sun shining brighter now, I find it strange that her beauty eluded me for so long. How blind I was to just what she meant to me. Laying next to her at night, there’s no one else I’d rather be with as no one has ever been a part of me like she has. For she’s the mother of my child and the lover in my heart. Rolling another smoke, next doors cat moves off when smoke gets up her nose. Apologising, I turn onto my stomach. The ground’s nice and warm, and life feels like a daydream. And when I look into her eyes again, there’ll be no telling that it’s not.

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