She Sleeps With The Angels

It’s in the trees, and upon her skinny wrists.

It’s somewhere out of reach, and floating in the clouds.

(Angel come closer, and bring me your dreams)

All those yesterdays, those forgotten months and washed out faces. When life is somehow false, an apparition appears of what living should really be. When happiness is a myth, a blurred photograph lost in the back of your mind is all you can see. It’s hard to shake off. You know, the feeling that something’s not quite right. Specially when you’re sure that everything’s safe and sound. It’s some kind of double life. Living a lie you secretly hide behind, unaware that what you want is elsewhere. That sense of love, of completion. Somehow, you forgot how it used to make you feel. How it made your blood run warm, a statue no more. Through a maze of wasted days and doors that were never meant to be opened, you finally came back to where it all begun.

I’m lost beneath the bedsheets, slipping in and out of sleep. Of dreams with nameless faces, places I’ll never get to see. The sun sinking behind the houses across the road, I can smell her scent on the pillow where I rest my head. It makes me smile, and it makes my eyes drop as sleep comes ever closer.

She was in my arms last night, drifting to who knows where.

(And who could know the wonders, that sparkled inside her mind)

Flickering eyelids in the shadows. Heavy breathing as the animals dance beneath the moon. It’s a realm of magic when I’m with her, the wastelands far away. The loneliness nowhere to be seen. All the demons inside, subdued by light. And she is the light that leads me to safety, to where I’ve always longed to be. There’s no science to it. It may be magic, but it’s something so simple. Beauty is simplicity, after all. Beyond the unsaid words, and behind the unknown desires, what I feel for her is the most natural thing there is. No need to paint a pretty picture. No need to dress it up. The feelings are there, and that’s all that matters.

It’s dark now, and somewhere in the darkness, I can hear her calling to me. It’s quiet but getting louder, travelling in the wind as it blows along the empty roads. Through all those empty lots.

I’m waiting for her to appear, for her eyes to gaze into mine once more.

For she’ll be in my arms again tonight.

(Sparkling like diamonds, glowing brighter every second)

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