they found me in

the garden

taking a piss in

a birdbath

without a shirt on

and swigging from

a bottle of wine

it wasn’t my fault though

it’s women

and the way they

affect me

the way they make



when i’m all soft


they drive me crazy

so i drank to numb

my aching balls

and to block out

the images

creeping down



it’s my nextdoor neighbour too

and the way she wears a

short skirt

showing off legs you could



and it makes me wonder

about her


and just how juicy

it must



i can’t go on

thinking of taking her in the shower

then laying her down on

the bed

and fucking her

till i come

twelve times


I can’t do it anymore

it drives me insane

so i drank wine

and took a


in a birdbath

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  1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Thought I’d try and mix things up a little. I like the freedom the new way of writing gives me too. It’s a lot snappier, and it somehow feels more powerful. Maybe it’s because each individual words seems to count, in that it can’t hide behind several hundred others x

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