Lonely Ghosts and Swaying Trees

stood in a

darkened room and

smoking a cigarette whilst

gazing out the window my

mind’s a blank and

there’s nothing i’d rather

be doing and

there’s no one I want to be

talking too it’s just

me and the silence of

a friday night as

the world turns on like it

always does and there’s no

temptation within me nor the

urge to reduce myself at all i

just want to smoke my cigarette and be alone with

the shadows cause

it makes me feel alive and

it makes me feel sad but

as long as i feel something then it’s

okay by me so

just leave me be i’m doing

fine surrounded by ghosts and

memories of love making but

it means nothing to me

now only the trees outside swaying in the

wind have any meaning and maybe the

bottle of beer as it

glistens beneath the moon in

my aching right


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  1. I love the imagery as well as the well it changes, twists and turns. Believe it or not, but the expression “now only the trees outside swaying in the wind have any meaning,” makes perfect sense to me.

  2. I once knew someone that I thought wrote so beautifully. I think back then, he actually did write some beautiful things. And I haven’t really been impacted that way until I discovered your writing and on a whim, I went to his blog to compare the two.

    Either his writing has gotten worse, or I had terrible taste back when I was reading it. I’ll wager it’s a bit of both.

    Another write well done.

    • It’s very kind of you to say that, it really is. I get such a kick out of writing, but for you to say that it impacts you means something else. To know that you appreciate my writing and find it an interesting read really gives me the motivation I need to keep on plugging away on those days when I find myself not wanting to bother.

      Thankyou 🙂 x

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