Heaven As She Sleeps

stillness gone

waking shattered

head all broken and dismal with

the taste of shame flowing

through my veins

turning on my side

she sleeps like a child

lost to the world and

still part of last nights


stumbling to the bathroom

and pissing like

niagara falls

such a familiar feeling

and knowing pain

that dances on my

back teeth

the streets outside stirring

another day


 where nothing feels real

a hangover growing with

every passing second


the numbing ache of abandon

haunting me

for everything

i’ve ever done wrong

so i watch her from the doorway

sheets pulled down

around her waist

revealing a tender body

of lust and desire

with all my passion and sin

swimming in her belly

this could be heaven

i think

yet it could also be hell

so i rest my head

next to hers


wonder what she’s dreaming

and how she’ll feel

when daylight shines

once more into those

dazzling brown eyes

death it seems

is calling from afar

making me cling

to her with

all the love in the world

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