Eyelashes And Empires

Mountains and darkness. Immersed in deep water, the kind that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. Sparkling, dizzying. Teeth and candles, dazzling like dreams. Unbalanced and unhinged, falling apart as sunshine creeps upon freshly washed skin. It’s autumn, or possibly early winter. The afternoon is young, yet the chill wind that blows tells me that death is close by. Dying hangs heavy, just like falling leaves. Broken, like sullen trees. The wasteland of teenage dreams, always floating further and further out of reach. The taste of cigarettes and coffee. Aftershave and library books. All those things that swim inside a mind so fine. Romantic, sadistic. Cutting necks like lovers merging unseen. The way they shake and convulse as their bones break in bedrooms mute and damned. Dust covered drawings and pornographic love. Lost words on pillows that the night forgot to keep. Pathways beneath streetlights. Lipstick marks on collars. Perfume and butterfly wings. The haze of alcohol, exploding through clouds and blankets that cover our eyes. Patterns in sensation, spreading like ecstasy. The feel of those bodies, and the scent of those limbs. Oil paint and youth. Forests at the foot of the road, just begging to be walked since the town you once belonged to turned its back. Auburn hair dancing in the breeze. Rings of limbo and wings that lift you far away from the loneliness that seeps in. Oh, how it weeps each and every day. Eating icecream, she’s bathing beneath picture frames of childhood memories. The water is yellow, and she’s floating to another place. The clock chimes eleven. Raindrops hit the floor through the open window. Looking out, all she can do is cling to herself. Cling and hope that the moment will never end; that the night will take care of her forever. She washes, but her sins are there all the same. The essence within, dripping down her forehead. It collects in pools, reflecting moonbeams. Somewhere secluded, the room is cocooned. The weight of her love, echoing for so long. The last light, calling you home. And when the moment comes, you just can’t keep it together any longer. Eyelashes and empires, she wants you inside, colliding, fucking, and breaking apart into a million tiny, massive pieces.

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