The Only Way Out Is Through

don’t let the days
bring you down
don’t let the hate in your heart
drag you beneath the surface
where the waves ride high
above your head,
when there’s so much sadness
pumping through your veins
with things going wrong
at every opportunity
it makes it all seem
so impossible,
words that never come
and a silence that
takes hold completely
no sense of release
no way of letting go,
don’t hate yourself  though
don’t think you’re weak because you
struggle and stumble
when others walk on by
because it won’t always be like this
nothing lasts forever
not even time,
through the loneliness and pain
and the days when to just
open your eyes
seems like too much
keep the light inside burning,
even when the war within
makes it feel as though everything is
caving in around you
keep on going,
because the only way out
is through

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