Love’s Embrace


open your skull

try to

realise what it means

when you’re alone and

gasping for


those moments when love

immerses you

in its nature

the desperate sense of longing

that takes over


for the one you love’s embrace

the one your dreams

revolve around

who sleeps deep inside your heart

making a nest until

they’ve made it their own

the essence of a lover

the beauty of their soul

like fresh snow

bathed in glorious moonlight

there’s no greater feeling

in life

no stronger sign

of the power of love

when there’s no way of knowing

where you end

and they begin


inseparable and true

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  1. ‘oneness’ with another is a serene and wonderful experience. It leaves an imprint that you can never shake.

  2. Wow. I love your analogy of comparing love to moonlight on freshly fallen snow. I love how that looks when there are no street lights around, and I think it really does make the perfect imagery for love. I like when you spoke of not knowing where one person ends and the other begins. Love is beautiful, and that sense of connection is something I have come to cherish. Very beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, it means a lot to me for you to say these things. I’m glad that you resonated so much with my words, it’s always comforting when somebody else seems to understand how you feel about something. It’s really pleasing that you could resonate with the imagery x

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