Absent Lovers

Bare feet on the freeway. Absent lovers and blood red lips. Plump and full. Sweat dripping into my eyes, the vehicles speed past so vacant and cool. Killers on the loose, all over the papers. Ink on my fingers, then in my mouth. Crushed metal, and the way her nipples caress that fine dress of hers. It clings to her body in a way that maddens me. Those curves, oh those fucking curves. They drive me into a fury. Starless and midnight, shards of glass scattered on the asphalt. Frenzied, smeared with love and drunken kisses. Eyes glisten, widened with excitement. Grasp her hand, and take her down to the lake. In the darkness, it looks like oil, rippling from thrown stones and secrets.

In the breeze, music drifts from faraway. When she smiles, childlike teeth glisten so bright. Tigers, sometimes penguins. Elephants and owls. Touching tongues and saliva. The dance of lovers. A forest, where the trees call your name. A crown of leaves, upon her fair head. Howling to the moon, and playing with fire. Trinklets around her neck, and words that melt cold hearts. Lights on the horizon, holding hands and swaying without a care. Sometimes, life seems so beautiful. Those moments, outside of time. Burning forever. Even when it storms, when you find yourself unsteady on your feet, it still feels so wonderful. Blowing smoke into the sky, it rains so heavy. Heavy like a soul, teeming with magic.

She’s so pretty, where once there was only ugliness. Moving wheels, behind fields of shallow light. Come tender girl, lets get lost in a place they’ll never find us. Fragments, of a lifeless wonder. This is how we play, behind doors of simple perception. This is our ritual act. Trickling down the nape of my neck, and spread across her naked belly. Pregnant with lust, and sighing so light. So tender does she sleep at night. Adrift and at peace. Floating without fear through the minds of all those who love her. And so many love her. For she’s a soul so sweet. And sometimes, that’s more important than anything.

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