Fragments Of Desire

I pluck teeth like feathers. I fuck like a machine. Veins and fears of the future. The tears run down my face, my heart beats with unstoppable salvation. Take my hand, and let’s surf the wave. Take my hand, and cocoon yourself with me far away from pain. Eyes of snow, you smile like an angel. The rain falls, the wind blows. All those dreams we had, all those victories now lost like yesterday. Divinity, and stupid smiles. Sorrow, curled up into a ball. Babies breath, as holy as war. Eyeliner and vibrations, creeping up your thigh. My mouth places kisses upon your sex. You clench and release. Removing your bra, I suckle like I’m hungry. But I’m just horny. Shadows lighten, faith restored in mirrors. Don’t be scared. Don’t deny dreams. Lips on lips, atoms explode in the core of what I am. Whores and future war.

This isn’t tomorrow, it’s surface brilliance. The soul of an artist with nothing left to lose. It’s warm to be in love. Golden flames and heat, in the early mornings of winter. Snow, pure like virginity, carefully blanketing a secret garden. Laughter, truthful like childhood bliss. Bedsheets, pulled up close beneath our chins. Against the world, with curls of auburn hair covering your face. Making love, gently with no sense of fear. We are fearless. Our bodies shining without guilt. One day, we’ll be old. We’ll be withered and useless. But right now, right now we burn like only lovers can. The flames of a fire, dancing in the moment of embrace. Secluded and without doubt, we hold on. Beneath flesh, we’re only bone. But there’s magic to us, it’s as natural as sadness. Flowers bloom, dust settles. Release of horrors. Release from tedium. People come and go. Sometimes, it occurs like a blast of wind that knocks over a vase. Fragments on the carpet, never to be repaired.

I’m growing old like the trees. My beard hanging heavy. I wish I were a million miles away. On Dixie beach, maybe. Lighting a cigarette, autumn eyes blink so cute. Take me to the bridge. Let the piano play its music whilst we merge unseen. Hands upon your mouth. Arms around your throat. Fate. Tenderness. I gave everything, but it wasn’t enough. It made me though, it gave me strength. No need for regret, only belief. Forget yesterday, kick it down into the gutter. Clutch the dress of the one you love, and breathe in her scent. Seconds, minutes, hours. Breathe in how much she means to you, and never let her go. Lonely roads, undisturbed. The places we visit, the time we waste. Fragments of what we are, left dangling in the wind. Take a step back. Let it all go, if only for a while. Hear the magic of hearts, the footprints of our souls. Do something beautiful. Show some emotion, before it’s too late.


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