She’s just like her mum, and he’s just like his dad. Forever feeling sorry for themselves, repeated day after day. She’s her own worst enemy, always creating trauma, when there’s simply no need. He could be happy, but he craves despair and melancholy. She’s only happy when she’s sad. Seeking oblivion through the embrace of yet another, and they’ll only be more broken promises to come. There’s no love to be found, only stinking penetration. The truth hurts. It’s a terrible thing. You can run from it all you like, but it’ll be forever stained into your skin. Stand before a mirror, and see all that you’ve done. Think of all those hands and mouths, devouring worn beauty. Maybe you can get away with it for now, but in a few years, you’ll be just another carcass. Another lonely wreckage, left by the side of the road. Think of all the pain you’ll feel, and think of how it’ll be all down to you. Oh, and such pain, smeared across tasteless lips.

There was a time, when my heart yearned for beauty. All that love, now rendered null and void with the passing of years. Should’ve been special, but beneath it all, there was only cheapness. How many other lovers will come and go? It’s difficult to tell. Love thrown away for love, such a foolish thing indeed. What gullible, simple hearts we must own. It makes me laugh something rotten. There’s no great depression, only embarrassment. The shame of being so naive, crawling over my pale face. Cry something pretty, just to get a little sympathy. Daughters can’t reclaim forgiveness, nor can sons. Forgotten ripples in forgotten lives. Life and love, swallowed by self obsession. Chewed up, and spat out more times than you’ll care to admit. All those faces, and all those promises. Discarded. All that beauty, left to wither and die. Bones and souls, crushed and dying in the wind. Tattered remnants, of all that could have been.

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