Blink Twice To Say Yes

Amidst the passing of seasons, there’s a gentle tune that always reminds me of you. We are war, inside and out. Bloodshed and memory. Religion. An absence of faith. Loneliness, and time out of hand. Victims thrown into a river. Lined up, and shot like cattle. All those carcasses, left to rot beneath a burning sun. Hope and fear. Bullet holes, with nothing left to regret. From deserts to streets. Towns to the city. From her shore to mine, we slip in line and bow down to pain. This fractured portrait of life. The horrors and glory. Every smile that I capture with my camera. Every death cry that echoes through barren lands of concrete hell. The heat of a beheading. Slashing knives and careless touch. Let me run to you. Let me escape inside of you, as the bodies are butchered beyond recognition. Murder. Imprinted within are tainted flesh. Torture, like childs play and cotton candy. Let me cling to you, and never let go.

Picking scabs and self abuse. Scrub yourself with bleach, and wash those hands with sinners salt. Pluck teeth and feathers ready for the ceremony. Captivated by lurid eyes, we expose our bones wishing for redemption. False mirrors. A circle of tongues, scavenged like roadkill. Where there was once tenderness, now there’s only soiled recollections of what might have been. Built on mistrust, the future walls of happiness came tumbling down. Journals of delusion. A plague within my ribcage. The plague that spreads from her sex down to her toes. A crows nest, tumbling in the wind. Slipping through the layers of her mind, she sleeps unsure of who she really is. Cradling her in the darkness, I whisper into her ear. All those things that will be done with her. The ways her body will yield to my demands. Upon every inch of her flesh, my signature will be left. In every corner of her mind, my words will burn. Bright and fierce, I’ll be with her every breath of the way. Sweetness, fed to her in the palm of my hand. Psalms for joy. Scriptures of bliss.

Levitating, my dreams transcend all. No limits, only desire. Silence and wind chimes. Rain, splashing her face as she raises her arms to the sky. All those clouds, passing like islands. Soft. So delicate, like the tears you cry. Spirals of emotions, swirling so serene. Atoms drifting in the breeze. You catch them and spread them across your neck. Running towards you, all I want is to disappear in the patterns of your dress. The way you blossom. Fertile and full of fruit. A basket of golden desire. Secrets. Flavour. The ingredients of a heavenly soul. Like those galaxies dancing far away in the universe. The way they hold one another, locked in embrace with no reason to separate. Permanence. Carved into the very fabric of time. What lies beneath, they’ll never be able to tell. Blind to wonder, they live with no inclination of the magic just waiting to be explored. It’s in her kiss, and the way the songbird flies high around spires of belief. Wings of damned intuition. Words of love and sacrifice. This is now. The music of our lives. Paint on canvas. A confession of a madman. A lover of sadness and fornication. Duplicated at night, then spread across your eyelids.

Blink twice to say yes. Hush for more. Pull me in, never let go. In Locust Valley, we reign supreme. This is the day. Eat it, and feel like you own it all. Stand up, and take those dreams in hand. A vision of something more. Something quite beautiful.


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