Things That Lovers Do

The stars shine overhead in a universe older, and so much colder, than we could ever imagine. Hold me close, and never lose sight of my gaze. Mirrored, we sparkle in the darkness. All those lonely streets. Those yesterdays that haunt and taunt at every opportunity. There will always be regret. You can’t shake it free. It stains and clings and calls your name whenever you’re not looking. It’s so hard at times, that it can feel as if there’s no way out. No coming back, from all those ugly mistakes. Too much waste, and not enough hope. Life is difficult. A series of lows. Wave after wave, of suffocation and despair. Sometimes, it feels like nothing can save you. But all you have to do, is stick with it. Stay strong, and swim through those terrible, aching waves. Hold on, and breathe out the anxiety. Carry the light inside. Never let it go out. One day, when the worst is behind you, it’ll bathe your lover in glorious, yellow rays. Everything will melt in its presence. Hurt will turn to dust, and all that will remain, will be sweetness and love. Nothing else, only emotion in the palm of your tiny, massive hand.

In the calm of my arms, watch as the world turns wrapped in snow. As it falls in silence, give yourself a reason. Promise that these fragments will stay forever. That every day, they’ll live on inside your beautiful, tender mind. Never forget the meaning of feeling. Always keep hold, of those moments when time stood still. Winter lovers. Autumn leaves. Eyes of temptation, blinking twice as I plant the first kiss. Beneath warm bedsheets, two bodies embraced in heavy breathing. Shyness in my touch, it doesn’t take long until we’re side by side, eyes aligned. Nude and true. Mouth upon mouth, we taste desire and lust. Cocooned and marooned. The beat of her chest, so loud against my ear. Placing kisses on her breasts, my hands caress a sacred monument. The way we disappear, so dangerous and cruel. Flesh and soul. Shards of shards. Oneness. Shining like a lighthouse in the midst of a stormy night. Wherever we are, the links between us will never break. There’s something in the way we touch. Something in our hearts, that will always burn despite distance and silence. Come to me, and say my name. Take me in your arms, and let me taste from your mouth once more. Feed me what I need. Let us take, whatever we wish to take.

Come, and give yourself to stardust. Give yourself to fascination. To the holy relics of history and bones. Soft, like the the flesh of your belly. Resting my head between your legs, my words drip with ease. The scent of heat, washing over me with no hesitation. Crystals of ideals, like the beads of sweat on your flustered brow. Rays of glory, reigned over me. Together, we have the power to believe. Boundaries no more, we move through walls of doubt. Horizons and dreams, raised high for all to see. We drink the sea, and all the rivers of the lands. Nothing compares to what we are. Only human, but so much more. Come, and let us go far beyond where we were meant to go. Let us find a place, where we will never be found. It’s not a secret, it’s just what we feel inside.

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  1. I’m captured by every word you’ve written in this piece. The final phrase “it’s not a secret, it’s just what we feel inside” sums up such a great inner desire which seldom is allowed to be completely free. Things that lovers do – beautiful!

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