The Way We Merge

Something stirs within me. A yearning to taste. To be a man again. These hands of mine, they grow restless at the thought of all they could be exploring. A body ripe with magic, mine to discover and seduce. Tender, milky flesh. Breasts so juicy. Hips the shape of my hands. We are war. Soft machines and madness, ready and willing to go into the night. What lies beneath, fingers itching with anticipation. Open mouths and throats, widened so thirsty for relief. Senses on fire, melting in the darkness as the rain comes down hard. The storm, taking us away. Hours falling like broken flowers. Chemistry. Violence. Perfumed touch, slipping in and out. The push and pull, of damned contact. Outside of time, the walls of restraint break down. The rules we abide by, left mute and passive. Logic has no place when we come together. It has no value. In the throes of our merging, everything is lost. Just the way it should be.

Impulse. Instinct. The power to control. To inflict pleasure until it brings tears to flowering eyes. Possession. Submission. The need to feel wanted. The need to dominate. To feel something at all, in a world driven by conformity, is a triumph indeed. Shapely girl, undressing before the window. Hair so fine and a body ignited by the touch of my gaze. Cast aside doubt, and turn me on real good. Show me everything. Spread those secrets. and let it all be known. Hardened bones. Bliss. Sweat-stained sheets, kicked to the floor in the heat of the moment. Naked, with nothing to hide. No way of keeping back, all that I demand to see. And I want it all. Every inch and dream within your pretty head. To consume, so hungry and eager to fuck. To fuck, is what all of this is about. Pretend that there’s more, but it’s only a lie. Give yourself structure, but know that it has no meaning. Sex. To replicate and duplicate. To become death. Over and over again.

Unbecoming. A return to nothingness. To taste god in her kiss. To seek the stars in the sky. The lure of attraction. The animal within, bursting out at the point of no return. Human gone, primal beast let loose. Savage hearts. Explosions in our cores. Mysticism. Unbeing. A new birth. Reborn each time. Changing. Transforming. Hurtling forwards through portals unknown. Fleeting seconds, where expression screams so intense. Laid bare, we take each wave. Never the same, these sensations create new ways of seeing. Beneath an amber moon, the seizures come harder and faster. Deadlights and freeways, bending our will so freely with ease. Come, and let me in. Make a wish, and watch as I peel back all of my skin. A monster in the midnight hour. A sandman came calling, singing songs of love. No pity to be taken, only greed and desolation. All that you want, and all that you need. There’s a formula, that I keep out of sight. There’s a version of truth, that I keep just for you.

Burning. All, night, long.

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