Wish Me In You



Let me take off your clothes. Let me strip you clean, of all those useless barriers. Let me see you for what you really are. To demean is out of the question, I just wanna taste beauty. To slip inside of you, and feel some sense of worth. To belong. Nude truth, beneath the touch of my cigarette stained fingers. Spreading wide, I’ll tongue the very heart of what you are. Death proof. Massive like war. With your naked belly beneath mine, there’s a way for both of us to escape. Your mouth wide and open with pleasure, I watch as you pinch yourself something kinky. These sensations. They consume with ease. In rings of wonder, we dance until we lose ourselves. Shades of red before my eyes, the abyss glows something wicked. Handsome devil, wanting to destroy. Imagine kissing those lips. Imagine taking hold, and seducing the one that plays on your mind every hour of the day. Rapture. Water. Hourglass figure, sprawled on the bed and begging to be taken any way you want. Every hole, filled with delirium. Obliterated beyond recognition. They think we’re normal, but beneath the sheets, we’re so much more. Two souls on fire, passion is just a word. Secrets, are what we’re made of. 

Light a candle. Focus on the flame. Masturbate to images of carnal desire. Reckless abandon, swimming with smoke and beer. Spastic uterus. Bloodied nose and spanish whore. Porno heritage. Lipstick traces on the collar of my shirt. Wish me in you. Let me break every bone. Let me dissolve all those atoms that chain you to defeat. No education, only flesh and madness. Pissing a little death, my balls shrink with thoughts of oblivion. The great big nothing, haunting every day. Never a moment away, it laughs as I fall. Each and every time. Things fall apart, but then they come together again. Always in transition, even in the depths of despair. Moving through a stasis, words tickle inquisitive minds. Bodies that demand attention, ready and willing at the flick of a knife. Sunshine cascade, shimmering just out of reach. Wake up, and see what matters most. Understand, those that you need to keep close. These days won’t last forever. Time disappears too quickly. Quicksand blues. Hush now pretty one, and feel my bone. King of horny limbs, begging to be let in. Pandemonium beneath your dress. Just let me lift it up, and come until I’m undone once more. 

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