There There



From time to time, just let go. Sunshine and smiles. No barricades, only the sweet taste of summer. Eternal youth, so beautiful beneath a flowering blue sky. Sometimes I get so lonesome, but there’s more to life than meets the eye. These nights, they burn with secrets. There’s no controlling all that rages unseen. Behind closed eyes and mirrors, there’s another place to be. Shards of desire. Fragments of another world, spilling into sight. The pulse of beating hearts. The seconds when everything slows down. More than this. When no one else is looking, we go wild. Not slaves, but dreamers of dreams. No constraints to hold us back, we’ll live forever like the stars that shine far, far away. Love in the darkness. The whites of grinning eyes, so greedy for your touch.

Vibraphones and clocks. Between towns and cities, feelings move faster than light. Suck on a cigarette. Have a beer or two. Look out of the window, and gaze into twisted shadows. Breathe in memory. Hush those demons away, and sway instead to the sound of sounds. Swimming in particles of dust. Bathed in the glow of a million lanterns, floating in a sea of wonderful dreams. Inside a mind that has no reasoning. A soul so old and cold. But it’s warmer than before. Time. Expression. Emotion in the palm of my hand. Moving through lotus flowers. Glimpses of a perfect future. Kissing not the lipless, but animal hearts instead. Invisible ink. It’s all so golden, so incredibly glorious and heaven scent. Build a stairway to the moon. Rescue the one you long to hold so close. No more sadness, only the sensation of swimming in madness and lust. It’s not difficult. Not if you try. So why not try. Tonight. Forever tonight.

I’m the wolf at your door, so why not let me in? I’ll be huffing and puffing, all night long. My teeth sharp. Fingers so itchy. Let me in so I can warm these aching bones. Let me rest my weary head, if only for a while. Let us merge, like colliding cars on the freeway.

(all night long)

(all night long)

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