What These Dreams Are Made Of


All the lonely lovers carving their hopes and dreams into a world that doesn’t care. All the losers and freaks, quietly creating, driven by the will to shape the hearts and minds of anyone who’ll listen. Possessed by the fear of oblivion, they do what they do because there’s nothing else. Can’t shape the future with silence. Can’t leave footsteps without pain and devotion. Destroy the dust. Break apart the virtues of modern living, and carve your soul into the world. Do it for love; do it for reasons unclear.  Be compelled to do whatever it takes to reach out to all those wishing to be found. Be someone. Don’t crave celebrity- crave immortality. Ask questions that have no answers. Live for something worthwhile and breathe in the poetry of your actions. Stand firm for all that burns behind your eyes. Be something more. Shine bright in the darkness. Don’t look for a lighthouse in the storm, be one yourself. All of this is happening right now. It’s bubbling away even when you’re not looking. This is a vision, clear and intent. It’s a way of being, as different from theirs as moonlight is to sunlight. So many yesterdays that could be mourned. So many mistakes that could bring you down. But what’s done is done. Don’t let the past reduce you. Let it drive you forwards. Let it make you smile, and never forget where you came from. Let your origins be a catalyst. History a monument to the days you finally opened up. The days when you gave yourself to the splendours of all that lies beyond. The language of the conscious universe. The passing of billions of years that gave us this opportunity. The wonders of supernovas. From black holes to merging galaxies so far away their light has yet to reach us. The deadlights have been waiting. History has been here forever, and it deserves something more. It deserves all that we can give. Every ounce of faith. Every heartbeat focused on the birth of thought. On the love between two flames, dancing in the darkness. One day, we’ll be dead and gone. No chance for regrets. No going back. So sway with the trees while you can. Kiss the lips of the ones you adore. Speak a truth that knows no defeat. Stars. We’re all made of stars. Exploding with joy, and completely out of control.

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  1. Love this “Don’t let the past reduce you. Let it drive you forwards. Let it make you smile, and never forget where you came from, but know that the past is gone. Can’t shape the future through the past, you can only do it in the here and now.”. Absolutely amazing!!!

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s obvious really, but it’s a simple trap to fall into. Sometimes you get so hung up with the past, that the here and now gets neglected. The trick is to just keep on moving, even when the future appears so uncertain.

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