All Night Long

All the kings horses and all the kings women, could never put me back together again. My insides crave red walls of flesh. My belly’s full of insects. Suck’d and dissolved. Balls full of dead children. Swimming in pools of despair. Legs of golden honey. Breasts that deserve to be worshipped. Modern religion. Gods of my core, pulling me apart everywhere I turn. Cock’d and throbbing. Aching as those devils dance all around. The in and out. Bacteria. Spreading quickly with every breath. Bornographic. Nude like statues. Broken through hardened bones. Squeeze those breasts, and lick that tongue something sweet. Squeeze harder, and admire the back of her throat. Bang bang bang, all night long. Knives and boiling water, itching along my spine. From behind, I’m just an animal. From above, only death. Tick tock ticking as the night passes unknown. No evidence, except the stains on her dress, and the way she’ll never ever be the same. Once I leave my mark, there’s no going back. Poisoned dreams. Fire. Never doubt what you’re unsure about. Just taste it. Just feel every inch of what wants to be in you. Plague lovers. Healers of faith. Great fucks, and believers in all that can’t be seen. 

Categories: Sex

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