These people that throw away their love. These humans who let go far too easily. Such petty interests they hold dear. Such low opinions they must have of what happiness consists of. Life is quick. Better to go with the flow than to take a moment to step back and look around. That’s how it is, right? Better to just become like everyone else than to become who we are deep down. Inside, we’re made of stars. We made of beauty far greater than we could ever imagine. Yet we keep it hidden. We keep it under lock and key. Even to those around us, we never let it be seen. Fear always prevails. Desperate hurt reigning supreme. Behind every smile, a sense of sadness that will never leave. You can see it in the way they move. So wary are they of showing weakness. Even when they appear so care-free, it’s etched into their eyes. It reaches out to be felt, yet they never stop moving long enough to be saved. Not until it’s too late, anyhow. They become faces in the crowd. Faces in a sea of the same. Bland and plastic, every which way you turn. Words left unsaid. Emotion reduced to dust. So many opportunities never embraced. And those years, they get behind you so quickly. Time is unforgiving. It’ll never let you go back. So catch your breath, and throw the windows open wide. Make your way through the darkness, and towards the light.  It’s not difficult. All it takes is faith and a showing of guts. A spark we all have, yet which is muted by all but a few. These days, they glow so strangely. They call my name. They show me all I need to know, yet still there are only questions. Loneliness plagues me though it’s essential to what I’m becoming. A muffled voice trying hard to be heard amongst the echoes of banality. It’s a struggle trying to be honest when the easiest thing is to lie. Being truthful leaves you open to attack. It makes you vulnerable, and there’s nothing worse than that. That’s why it’s easy to be cruel. So much simpler to turn your back and look the other way. It’s a cowards way, though. To fight for love and freedom, even when you’re doomed to fail- now that’s something more. Something with substance, and something with meaning. Love And footsteps. They came to me when I had lost my way, and now they shine bright, even when the world appears so heartless and damned. Even when the future is so unclear, I cling to them like a lover and praise the moment I finally opened my eyes.

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