The Great Attractor


As long as it exists, your mind will never be free. Burning dogs in Hiroshima. Genital Mutilation on the streets of Amsterdam. Cars buried in snow. Cigarettes perched on the tips of bony fingers. Tasty ripe breasts. Juicy like fruit. In mind and body, we merge like waves. Spinning plates and cloudless highs. Formentera Lady, spreading light-years beyond the visible horizon. The universe between her legs. I watched as she touched herself. She sighed as I squeezed her nipples. We fucked until morning, and then we slept through til evening. These are things that once were. They existed, but now they do not. Only they still do. Somewhere out there, swimming with everything else in the big unknown. Flaming pigs in the fireplace. Her sex at my tongue. Her legs wrapped around my waist. Sexual conquerors, of a fearful new age. Stripped naked, she’d let me have her every time. My hands around her hips, I’d trace my origins on the insides of her thighs. Footsteps of instinct. Layers of sexual shells, flowering beneath buzzing lights. Each and every month. From page to page and back again. The great masturbator. The great attractors, singing songs of love on the brink of nothingness. Lipless kissing, so sweet in her embrace. Open mouthed and crying as I do my thing again and again. Frozen lakes and stars in the sky. For her, and for every single breath she takes.

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