Look Closer


All those things we overlook. Those moments we leave behind because we’re too busy chasing a destination that will never arrive. So frantic are we rushing forwards, counting down the days so eager for what the future holds. But the future never comes. We are here only now. We exist only in this moment. Plans are made to put off the present. We draw up lists of things to do, because right now, the fear of what we hold inside is so hard to ignore. The fear of our mortality, inching and creeping with the coming of another season. Beauty is in the silence of Sunday afternoons. It’s those evening walks in the countryside, with the chill wind kicking leaves around our feet. Speak no words, just put your hands in mine, and let us float downstream.

Always seeking improvement, we never keep hold of the beauty that means the most to us. We let go so easily of those that fill our hearts with wonder. Focused on building empires, the truth of our intent is lost in the landslide of depression. We lose who we are, in the hope of becoming someone else. More successful. Better looking. Achievements crowned with glory. We are never satisfied. We keep on digging for more. Searching for success, when success means nothing at all. It’s a state of mind that will set us free. And to be free is what we crave most. Money doesn’t buy freedom. It comes from inner calm. Be quiet, and swim with me in a place outside of time. Let go of all this useless junk. Let it sink to the ocean floor, and let us live forever.

Look closer. Be defined by beauty. By the beauty that reaches out to you each and every day. Pretences are worthless. Images of strength, as meaningless as guilt. As hopeless as it may seem, even the smallest of flowers can change a life. A single ladybird, crawling on a lonely hand in the evening hours. We can save ourselves so easily, all that’s needed is the will to do so. The thirst for something more. Something that others will never come close to. Crawl beneath the bedsheets, and look into your lovers eyes. Link your fingers with theirs, and taste the fantastic. Stop repeating the same mistakes, and believe whatever you want to believe. Be crazy. Be a fool. Keeping laughing in the face of death, and never stop looking at those tiny slices of life that bring tears to your eyes.

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