Big Fish

Figures dissolving. Landscape blinking through neon eyes. All those lovers, throwing themselves into the night. Those mad, troubled seers of visions, always reaching for something more. What disturbed minds they must have, for wanting to cling to the belief that life is more than just a series of achievements. Events to be photographed. Steps climbed on a ladder, that only takes us further and further away from who we really are.

Warm embrace. A little love. A sense of belonging to the shadows. To the unknown pleasures that reside out of view. Salvation in another’s heart. Hope, in bringing happiness to those who need a change of fortune. Be selfless. Be someone others could never dare being. Even if it leaves you broken, be something more than mundane. Be a face that stands out. Laugh like a madman. Be gentle and sweet. Give no time to those with empty hearts. Spare them no time at all.

Care. Do what’s right, even when no one else is looking. Do what’s written in the stars.

Write a story of your life that brings nothing but wonder and joy to all those that you touch along the way.

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