Starless lovers between mirrors and blades of grass. Dead seas of liquid mercury. Cold hearts, breaking with the distance of future. You had warmth, then you let it go so carelessly. You had love in tea cup, but you threw it away without even looking back. Sparks behind empty eyes. Animals cries, screaming on a moonless night. Something that can’t be seen. Something between us, that can’t be spoken. Believe in me, and I’ll believe in you. A smile so simple. A look of love, where once there was only desperate longing. A day in the life. A series of fleeting moments. Fall into my arms. Fall into my dreams, and take me wherever you want. Through golden rings. Through shores of yellow sands that swim around our feet, to fields of corn that wait so patiently for our return. Eyelids as butterflies. Lips and breasts, so soft beneath my touch. Belly buttons and noses, tingling in this hungry belly of mine. The atoms we share, spilling secrets so scarce. Somewhere over the water. A place where the lights never dim, and children dance without fear. No fairytales, just a vision of the future. Erase the wasters, and never let go of my hand. Marriage and kids. Completion. A sense of belonging. Of becoming part of what it feels like to be alive. We think the same things at the same time, yet we hardly know each other. Through forests and streets. Across the wide expanse of broken kingdoms. Above the sunken ships lost for years untold. Seeds of our hearts intent. Flowers of hope, shooting upwards whilst we make the steps to recover. We’re made of guts, so lets show them. We remember a time when it came so naturally, so lets make right all those wrongs. Fall with faith. I promise I’ll catch you.

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