States Of Mindless Wonder

Ain’t got no time for simple minds. No desire for humdrum lovers. The boring and the bland, so hopelessly lacking in anything worth saving. Faces like windows down endless, damned streets. Lost innocence. Forgotten magic. Where once there was fire, there’s now just ashes. Relics of yesterday, shadows fading out of view. Isn’t it sad, when glory is lost, replaced by dim indifference? Isn’t it sad, when we chase a way of living so devoid of meaning and beauty? Give me horror and the sublime. Give me something more, than the dreadful layers of hell that everyone around me seems so content with. Where’s the beauty in a replica life? Where’s the wonder, in becoming like everyone else? Give me dreams that have never been dreamt. Take me places that others have never dared tread. Let’s move beyond the realms of understanding. Let’s make love, and never wake up. Let’s get drunk, and fuck until our bodies dissolve in shimmering pools of faith. Let’s speak in a language no one else understands. Come undone and come together. Move in slow motion. Float high above weary heads, and never come down. Ignore those that say it shouldn’t be done, for it should always be done. Against the grain, and against the safety of what all the rest cling to. Cling to me instead, and see the wonders of energy made visible. See the stars inside my chest. See the lights within my mind, and the shapes that dance without end. More than a body. More than a machine. More than just love, and more than just a statement. Tender like embrace. Violent like a storm. Happy like murderers. Lonely like driftwood. Everything and anything. All that we see, and all that we feel. In a moment outside of time, take my hand, and never look back.

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