Where I end, You Begin

And I howled to the moon when the walls of my mind broke down. I howled with despair when everything fell apart, and no one was there to save me. All alone and crumbling like a dead flower. It hurt and it burned. Down and out with nowhere to turn, all that was to be done was to carry on by myself. Pushing forwards, each and every step a struggle. Each day, so cruel and unforgiving when all I wanted to do was to just give up. But I kept on going. Through the darkness and out the other side. Expect no help. People won’t want to. People are selfish. It has to be done on your own terms. It has to be done with sheer conviction. When you’re mad and sad, no one will want to get their hands dirty. You’ll be tossed aside and outcast. But when you’re better, you’ll leave them all behind. They don’t care for you, they just like the way you make them feel. But love and friendship is more than expecting someone to make you feel good. It’s about understanding. It’s about sacrifice. Giving yourself when you don’t know how too. Lending an ear when you’re not sure what you’re listening to. Just showing tenderness to someone whose fighting an invisible war. Be kind. Show some heart. If you don’t, you’ll lose the good ones. They’ll slip through your fingers, and never return. Be selfless. Be pure.

But what’s the point in looking back, when all you see is more and more junk? Gotta make yourself better. Gotta look into the light, not back into darkness. Freedom, within and without. All the beautiful losers, humble and broken and full of wonder. Their smiles so sorrowful and true. Their souls, simple yet blessed. Not a concept, just fucked up lovers looking for a state of mind. Give me eskimo kisses and warm blankets. Give me Radiohead with the rain falling outside. Let these mental scars evaporate along with the tears. Let’s sit on a magic carpet, and travel wherever we want. Through time and space, with our arms wrapped around the world. Let’s travel to the stars as the waves crash down against the rocks of teenage oblivion below. The wasteland we left behind. Find it within yourself, to become something more. Don’t be afraid of the shadows. Don’t come undone when things unravel for no reason. Come now, and hush those tired fears. Lets hold hands, and spin in circles until we spiral out of control. Giddy with excitement as to all that awaits us. Everything in its right place. Be me, and I’ll be you. See with my eyes, and I’ll let you taste from my mouth. Face to face with the demons, together we can shine. Fingers linked beneath bedsheets, we can reign supreme.

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