A Violent Fluid

Passing ruins, these fingers tease repeatedly. Three in the chamber, and one in her mouth. A crow circles churches then collapses with no meaning. Blink at the sight of the seventh sun, come tumbling down with hawk eye blind reverse. Her flesh next to mine. Her mind a caterwaul of stars and non-dissolved prisms of light. In my arms. In my atoms. In the deepest corners of the universe. Patterns of sand compressed like insects beneath stone. You made your decisions; now you watch as they cut you into pieces. You sink and swim as they chew you up and spit you out. And all of those gallons of slime, oozing from every pore. Stuck up housewife. Teacher of nothing of interest. Mundane outcomes no longer. Stitches unwoven. Seasons of Redemption viewed in startling Technicolor. We suck the stars from the sky. We fuck until our bones collide. How does it feel? Speak when you do your thing. Death machines, pulsating all through the night. My blood runs black like oil. It pumps through these veins, along with a million wordless feelings. This angry heart, chomping at the bit. Shiver in my ear, and hush those fruity gums. Sink in me, and tell me every last thing. Rain on our faces. Crashing cars. This red abyss, growing each and every day. Lies like fireworks, exploding across ripened bellies. Throw it all away. All those mistakes, just let them drift like leaves in the dirty wind. Pigs in leather. Short skirts and marching flies. Crawl to me. Swallow all that I preach. Devotion in the grip of my hand around you throat. A trilogy of tenderness, from sex to sex. We will not be blamed for nothing. We can never be found until we are lost. Voices carry. They burn the base of my terrible spine. Destroy the night. Sleep with the sleepless ones. I want to corrupt. To seek the truth behind the lie. The violator. The subscriber to damned ideologies. Isolate disturbance, and obliterate every last drop. Tear down the walls, and rage like an animal. Take and make your own, the ones that falter in the cold light of day. Smear honey on their lips, and peel back all of your skin. Dream me a dream, where we never end. Splinters in our twisted tongues. Glued together, we kill until we kill no more. Fluid. So violent and sweet. Bornographic. Dancing to the sound of sounds. All in line the others stand, hand in hand and doomed to a lifeless nothing. All the lovers, distorted. Gob in their faces. Teeth and fists and visions like the curves of her hips. The seeds of future echoes, falling to the floor like her pretty dress. These sensations, may they stick with me until it all becomes too much. Gagged and bound and begging. This is a showcase of beautification. Of bodies succumbing to what can never be denied.

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