Anthem For A Lost Cause

Mausoleum scapegoats. Sentenced to death, we laugh in the face of sensuality. In the dying embers of a lifelong dance, we explode in the blink of an all seeing eye. In the face of god, we burst into vapour. Black tree. Branches in the snow reaching out through the midst of time. And all that we do, and all that we think. The glory of a thousand falls. The wonders of destruction. Black stockings and suspenders. The laugh of a hyena. The smile of one who reaches out beyond the veil of despair. Curled up like an animal. Speaking words of mythical proportions. The unseen strings that pull us closer each day to a fate we are bound to. From the first seconds of the universe, we have forever been waiting for this moment. Billions of years waiting for this kiss. Infinity for a taste of something so sweet and peculiar. Tomorrow never comes. It’s here like it always has been. This one moment, stretched so far until it becomes invisible. Black swan. Full of secrets and dark rainbows. An absence of light. A portal to something unknown. Pleasures on the tip of your tongue. A passage to salvation. The damned and the saved, preaching for a destination never to be found. All lonely roads, twisted and haunted like unclean reflections. Myriad. Dirge. Spacious Leviticus. Deplorable disciples of a religion not worthy of our love. Two sides. Two people. Light and darkness. Clear and obscure. Broken like memory. Lost like a handful of promises. No one knows where yesterdays truth goes. The path to salvation is hindered by the flesh. All the love in the world, tainted by weary doubters. If we were to never breathe again, what would you say to me? If this were to be our final charade, what would you do to make me know it was all true? Sing an anthem. Say a prayer. Do what you want, just as long as you feel it in every chamber of your soul. And it has to be from the soul. Anything else just wont do. It needs to be from the well you keep hidden. Between heaven and hell, it’s all we have to keep us from damnation. Madness saves. Normality kills. Piss on whatever holds you back. Draw a line in the sand, and leave behind every single one who never believed. Belief in the desert of the real. Faith in courage. In walking through the fire, and never looking back.

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