Beside You In Time

Scavenged bones. Lakeside lovers with hands entwined. In a head-on collision, vehicles pass from one phase to the next. Snarling faces a heartbeat away from martyrdom. Ornate patterns carved into restless arms. Crosses and lipstick. Embalming fluids. The truth of our fury, a ballistic bereavement. A first for creation. For pure waters where images know no meaning. Every breath we take a lifetime for the dead. All lined up. Bodies separated from thought. Thrown downstream, and tumbling through the rabbit hole with no place to call home. Bullets in ancient monasteries. Buried beliefs long since banished to archives of pain. Chinese lanterns. Islamic terror. Monsters that were made when we were looking to be saved instead. Burning churches. Dogs skinned alive for medicine. Rhino tusk and elephant plunder. Climb the ladder to my nightmare, and see visions of all that has yet to be. Torn fragments of uniform left tattered and scorched. The massacre of innocents. From cradle to tomb with the middle as misery. This ticking gun. These haunting collisions. Flowers of teenage battle, scattered in remembrance. Loves dart. A typewriter with eagle motif. Trinkets stole in the name of atrocity. Almond eyes in the calling of the night. Hunting for witches. Stalked by ghosts. A far cry from redemption. The lords prayer retrieved by pleurisy. Wave upon wave. Struggling against the expectation of a thousand useless systems, each one an arrow into your suffering heart. Bewitched by lonesome roads, take tablets to cure your ills. Silence the weak. Cripple the crow with talk of childish humour. Seasons of spring. Slithers of golden sunshine on some relic of an English castle. Brick by brick. Stone by stone. A sequence of bizarre actions. Fine wine and voices on the breeze. Ladybirds and panic attacks. Sometime soon, a moment will come when everything will be in its right place. All those loose ends dispersed like mist on a summer’s morning. See clearly through the haze. Find a trail through the trees and get back to where you belong. From such great heights. With such a delirious smile. She comes like a comet. She sighs like a prayer. On each and every stair, a glimpse of the man who was never even there. Blisters in the heliosphere. Hibernating liberals. Stifled by rheumatism. Shipwrecked and coming down fast. Teeth and stones that skim the waters surface. Planets in the palms of our hands. Maelstrom. Helium. Elysium. Joined like dots we are empty without the other. From sister to mother. Father to brother. Depleted youth. Lack’d through malnutrition. Conceived through heightened states of nowhere. Weathered outlines destroyed by nostalgia.

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