Under The Milky Way

Stretching across the ocean, I am the captain. Instruments of an inverted nature, twisting beneath my grip. Particles of distant objects sifting through layers of unspoken tongues. Hummingbird on a wire. Wrecked car by the side of the road. Covered in darkness and swallowed by the cruel hand of fate. Laughing like gods. Howling like wolves at your door and scratching at the stains. Fingers bent back. On tenterhooks and collapsing. Stick figures and bombs raining down with indifference. The principles of famine. The decadence of starvation. The horrors and wonders of every living thing destined to die alone. Believing in forms that reside within and without. Flowing ink, swirling like water down the plug hole. Disappearing evil. Evaporating with the passing of a hundred storms. Lightning strikes before your very eyes. The body breaks but the mind can take much more. Come now, and surrender to a feeling. A way of being that has no meaning. Split flesh. Sand on the passenger side. Cracked leather as the steering wheel keeps turning. This path has been entombed. We feed on gloom and press flowers until they cover the scent of sin once more. Shocking lights. Bones. Finger licking nausea. The quickening sex of all you left behind. Mysteries at every turn. Unknown desires where there was once emptiness. Letting out all that threatens to eat you alive. Hanging gardens. Multiple faces as a lover places stones on a paper sundial. Intricate features that blur as the sun passes overhead. Rain in slow motion. Cautious daughter with a fistful of whispers ready to obliterate the night. Doorways made of enchanted images opened with simple hushed tones that an adult could never understand. Speechless with the falling of snow. Softly moving where hands fear to tread. Virgin white. Bathrooms smeared with haunting glimpses of a thousand hangovers. Broken machines. Valves and tourniquets. Attack and surrender. From one life to the next, the strings of being pulled this way and that. They pass without us even knowing. Love makes us stronger. It keeps us from the edges of the abyss. And God forbid we were to peer into the nothingness that awaits us on the other side. Break the chains. Breathe in the air of all you’ve ever known. Breathe in the magic of everything that awaits us, so shimmering and strange.

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  1. Its beautiful and haunting leaving oneself doubting, wondering and questioning humankind. Perhaps I don’t really want to know the answers or just not caring enough to question the truth. Thank you for following.

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