Passing Feelings

Torn chunks of flesh. Passing feelings like stars dying out of sight. Stood in a field with no one else around, we’re lonely like the trees. The horrors of moonlight. Pig children screaming for milk in distant malnourished spheres. Empty factories. Absent faces down memory lane. Wrapped in a state of mind. No words. Only silence. Mouthfuls of air and a belly rich with love. Shapes behind my eyes. Hidden meaning on leaves. Spread on paper, they tell of glorious failure. They reach out and show the way back home through blurred vision. The wind through the window. Voices that carry from cities to sea. Hairs on the back of my neck and boneless wonders trying so hard to drag you down. In the pit they call living, they’ll eat you alive. Through fear they’ll sink their teeth in. Through blind desperation, they’ll do all they can to devour life. From chrysalis to diamonds. Northern lights to solitary lovers. Pictures on the wall. Candles burning against a neon skyline. Babies breath on your pillow, with ghostly hands around your feet as you try to sleep but can’t. Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The past and the present, a curse upon your mother’s tongue. All those distant journeys yet to be made. All futures haunting yet never seen. Footsteps untrue, just teasing to be tread. Dancing through the forest. Swimming on the edges of a maelstrom. Swirling in a chemical romance, these tender hearts just begging to be saved. These worn and weary souls just aching to be shown the right way. Each and every day twice removed from the last. Stretching further, we snap the ties that bind. We destroy bridges so we may never repeat. Tranquillity in her pulse. Beauty in the clouds where she rests her head. Never come down. Never step foot where darkness reigns heavy. Keep with me. Keep breathing steadily through the storm while the fire inside burns bright.

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