Totem Poles And Howl’d Howls


This is not a concept. This frequency is non-operational. Besieged by storms and wild tigers. Defunct machinery, growling as your hands search for the key in the ignition. If we try, we can eat them alive. Wires around your wrists. Rope attached to the back of your car. Drag the lake and find what remains of me. Don’t stop searching. Don’t give up on seeing my face once again. I might be skeletonized, yet I’m still the same soul clinging to these aged bones. Factories breed me. Useless junk and useless humans. Dry skin and oblivion, circling the place we once made ourselves known. Under the bridge and swimming through snow. These totem poles of faith, creaking as the tide calls our name for the thousandth time tonight. It could be more. These echoes are hard to distinguish. Confusion as the freeway turns upside down. Shattered glass and engine oil. A blurred landscape of flashing lights as time stands still for a millionth of a second. It beats like a wicked heart. It pumps like love at the base of my spine. Flowers spurting through the floorboards with insects scurrying this way and that. A collection of spoons. A Parisian cemetery. Sunken hopes and dreams waiting for saviour at the very last minute. I’m your superhero. I’m the one who can break through the dirge and make it better. Give me your hand and let me pull you from the wreckage just as the world’s about to end. Melancholy like bath salts. Vampires no longer a threat. Condense the hate and make perfume instead. There are countless ways. There are infinite reasons for our love to grow. Let it show. Let everything move around the sun. Let me trace your name in the night sky. You’ll live forever; your smile on the stars never to be forgotten. Wax mountains. The kid keeps going. He has a keen observing eye. He capturesĀ black’d out angels. Imprints of past lives. Relics of northern nausea. Hunt out old bookshops and make yourself unwelcome. Breed confusion. Drink the rain. Spit out indifference. Build sandcastles and protect them like a child. Creation and birth. Totem poles as symbols of belief. Find meaning in their structure. Discover who you are in the fabric of existence- in the fabric of that floral dress as a caterwaul trembles through the atoms passing between our mouths.

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