My cock is deadweight. Pendulum swaying, this penchant for abstract features is disarming. It twists and it turns. Cancer man in bed with the lights turned out bright. Cracked tooth and sleeping dogs. Pigs on the wind. Seduce and destroy. The universal animals of delinquency. I write it down and I mark it up. Broken flowers in a windowless library. Death proof in the face of a watery womb. Spacial awareness in the palm of my hand. One second for everything to disperse. Love in your heart. Love in every limb. Head over heels. We’re never through with the past, and the past is never through with us. Across the universe. It searches for us without end. It will never cease. The fate of all our time. Irrational yet opaque. You wait and you pray. Not funny nor cute. Only answers spelt incorrectly. Sins of the father. Holy ghosts and cheap lipstick. Drift away with the gases. Never look back. Specimens in glasses. Cocaine and nose tubes. Droplets under the tongue. A version of no meaning. Blindness to what matters most. Social illness left scratching at the stains. Look where it got you. Look how much you threw away just to be so loved. It’s so hard when you’re all alone. It hurts you to think that he’s still alive. Suffer and choke. If only he would. The insanity of our lives, the terrors we condition ourselves to just in order to fit in. Five drops in a soft machine ocean. No way of knowing where to get off. Just give up before it becomes too much. Never give up. Blues and candles. False highs and lullabies. Magnolia wherever we shall be. Let it paint us true. Let it do us justice so freely.

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