From Such Greats Heights

You spend your life always losing. Years spent in the shade of great trees only for them to be cut down leaving you naked in the face of a dangerous sun. It’s gaze unforgiving. It makes and destroys you like it were nothing at all. Shadows where life once was. Those last moments spin in your head. You take a bath and cry because you’re only human. Human and useless. Open mouthed and speechless at the triviality of living. We end so sudden. It happens all of the time. The ones that shape you. The ones that plant the seeds of madness and imagination passing always to the place they preach the most. The great beyond. A time of no reply. A passage taken with no farewell letter or clues to how it all happened. The mystery of curious minds. The fascination of plague lovers. Mould me into all that you desire. Show me something more. Ignore the limitations and give me the tools to discover all that I need. Take a boy and sculpture him into a vigilante. Light the fires of wonder and know that they will burn long after you’re gone. These casual days. These hours of passing feelings. Crazy diamond still a fool until the end. Still a piper on the hill even when the darkness came calling you home. And maybe that’s all you should ever be, a clown in the face of death. Someone who laughs when others stand trembling. One day you’re a child playing in the garden of summer delights, and the next you’re left shivering like a black eyed dog. The spirit of three stars. The golden crescent of majestic memory. Shimmering in the halo above tender heads, we bow down to worship the dreamers of dreams. We surrender to treasures lost and found. We rise and we are everywhere. Adore all that comes your way. Hold on to all those who touch your heart. Guilt stains like oil. It suffocates purity. We are all just visitors. We are all just thoughts of a universe long since gone. Blink and it’s finished. It’s over before it ever even began. Sleep forever, and praise it all. Sing something real, and chase the fleeting angels that dance before our eyes. Life in every word. Heart and soul in our embrace. Never forget the steps that were taken. Just never forget. Take my hand wish yourself away. Wish yourself into me. It’s all that can ever be.

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