NYE & Lovely Bones


Buildings in the sky. Markings on humble bodies. Low income dreams. Individual fantasies on a grand scale. Aggressive yet passive. Demonic yet platonic. Stray dogs in California. Insomnia in your local cemetery. Day to day lust. Suburbs to the crystal hills. City black’d guns. Shut your windows. Keep closed your doors. Sixteen years pretty, a nightmare just awakened. Beat me. Freak me. No limits on the red horizon. Train journeys to the centre of the hive. Ghosts in your closet. Clenched fists and drunken butterflies. Wish this world away. Prise open those thighs. Grind until it all goes numb. It’s over but it’s not. The soul lives on even when the flesh perishes. Rings of heaven and hell around our sex organs. Unsolved files that once collected dust. Students and whores. Victims as raindrops in a vacant lot. Oh Heather, how the weeds grow above you now. Love birds and cocaine. Shallow mouths and graves. Tickle my vanity. Suckle my agony. They bury and discard the leftover lovers. They destroy what they can’t consume. Throttle young sisters and seal them living in the tomb. Drain the rivers of ages and reveal all that has been forgotten. The rings around planets like the rings around your eyes. Living is an expensive habit. Work is freedom. Reality a burden. The stink of stale opium. From behind I pull your arms back. My aggression unrepentant. An abundance of emptiness within my frail ribcage. They feed me tablets to cure me of my melancholy. They say I’ll be better once the universe collapses from within my head. Too much thinking. Lungfuls of boiled air as the pig children crawl at my feet. Blurred faces deformed in winter sunlight. Cracked ice as the witches fly unseen. Instruments of end. Born to fall no matter what. The night of her demise calling since she was a child. In harmony they sing of choices not yet made let alone understood. Order and efficiency side by side with despair and weakness. Neglect the lifeblood and starve the hungry. Let it rain until I’m washed away with all the scum and lice. Blood suckers on every street corner. Leeches ever ready to take all that they can. Sink your teeth in. Taste what turns you on. A monster with manners. The hanged man left dangling before the mob. They don’t care who pays, they just want another to suffer so they don’t have to. Guilt notwithstanding. Drunken thieves in the darkness. A raven to cast into the abyss. The gallows split your bones. Iron cages instead of pearl bracelets. Cornered predators playing in the willow. Poor moonchild so lonely without the one who worshipped her shadow. Devotion thrown away for bits and pieces of cheap libido. A family of thorns where once there was flowers. Guts and memory loss sometimes seeping sometimes weeping. Almost god but not quite. Wastelands and dreamlands. Blowjobs and sleeploss. Each letter means a number. Sticks and bottles as pieces of a puzzle. Lovely Bones by the water. Dark glass in her eyes with the sounds of fireworks as we kiss. Backgrounds all around, the moon looks at us and smiles to no one in particular. We are mosaic. We move like symphony. Not yours nor mine. It’s fire and wine, flowing like the colours that pass between our mouths.

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