Poem For A Passing

son, husband

father, grandfather

a crazy diamond until the end

a lifetime of stories, of mysteries and of love

always searching for adventure

always seeking the great beyond

my childhood you shaped

the man I became guided by your vision

a fool and a poet, you were more than

words could ever describe

time may have taken you

yet you live on in each and every one of us

in our hearts and in our minds

the days escape, life moves on

but you will always remain

immoveable like a mountain

constant like a stream

a story to be told

to all those ready to follow in your path

this is not a goodbye, nor a farewell

for you haven’t left us

you’re here right now

laughing so carefree at the wonders we have yet to find

together we praise you


we follow in your footsteps

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  1. Reblogged this on Last Minute Man and commented:
    I am always trying to comprehend what my father did for me. Each year a new level of understanding reveals itself. This poem does just that…
    I highly recommend this blogger. But at the same time it’s not for the faint of heart. He writes with such intensity and sometimes brutal honesty. Each time I re-read his work, I discover 10 more layers to it. This is the type of writing that strikes a nerve and leaves a beautiful deep impression.

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