The Ties That Bind



You can’t change the world, just the same as you can’t change time. These feelings come and go. From despair to wonder in the blink of a lazy eye. Sullen like an only child in the midst of the witching hour. As lonesome as a shadow on the wall. When the rain falls outside, and everyone else is asleep, who can save a desperate soul from the clutches of oblivion. Who can say what it means to be honest when deceit is praised like a god. Put it on a pedestal and bow down to compliance. Dreams where reality should be. Fantasy in place of the mundane. Obedience is fruitless. It gives you safety, yet the magic of forever will never show its face while you cling to false ideals. To be known should require a voice. The will to speak out when indifference rules completely. Faces fade, but an idea will shine until the last stars in the sky burn out. The power to stand against everything you’ve ever been told was wrong. To leave behind all those who couldn’t see the beauty hidden behind the sun. It takes what it takes. Driving with nowhere to go as a storm calls into town, the sea rises like a lovers chest. Beneath the sheets, she wriggles into another world. The things she sees, I will never know. The secrets she keeps a mystery to me always. It’s in the voices outside the window, and how they tease with things long since left in the ruins of the past. Emotions kept in boxes. Smiles to keep misery at bay. Animal hearts running through the forest with no end in sight. There’s no heartache, just a trail of kindness kicked to the ground with indifference. There’s no regret, only sadness at all the words that should have been uttered but never came. Slip away to a place others can’t find you. Solitude heals. It softens the blows. Ignore the garbage others spew and leave them to it. They’ll just drag you down. They’ll reduce you to their level because they can’t stand to see anyone free of those shackles. Self-imposed and sanitized. Repeated daily. None the wiser, and stuttering like clockwork.

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  1. You may not change ‘the’ world, but words like these (and all that you write, frankly) can change ‘a person’s’ world. And if that person becomes people, that’s enough.

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