Human and Useless


All those greedy bellies. All those juicy bodies just begging to be eaten. Forbidden fruits hanging from tainted trees. Indulge me in something extreme. Shower my eyes with kisses that taunt like a jilted lover. Emotions stubbed out like cigarettes. There’s nothing worse than panda eyes in the pouring rain. There’s nothing more cruel than an image of perfection left to fade like a photograph beneath the suns endless glare. It’ll get the better of you. Maybe not today, but sometime soon you’ll be left high and dry. You’ll stink like a sexual disease. Infections blistering your skin, they’ll be no redemption to save your sorry, painted face. Hopes rise up then descend. They douse you with false wishes as the days revolve around opaque words. Man is a dangerous animal, yet it’s easy to leave behind those footprints. Truth delivers pain, and the way it cleanses our wounds brings only relief. Spit out those lies and suckle on the purest gun. Feed me bullets and groove to my tune. Tales of the future on empty streets. Uncertainty in pregnancy. Blasphemy hereditary. It’s in my ink. It’s in the veins of rage that pump within me whilst others go on about their business. Drink what you want. Spit on whores and deface the meek. Men as imposters. Men as creeps always growing fatter through deformed intent. Cut the rope. Let them burn.

Love is not a victory march. It’s not a weapon. It comes about like the merging of stars. The universe is big and we are small. That’s all there is to know really. There’s no going back, and there’s no taking for granted what we already have. This is it. This is all there ever is. Trees appear in my dreams yet for the life of me I can’t decipher their meaning. Empty wine bottles gather dust as her underwear hangs on the end of the bed. Chemical lovers as the rain gets in through the open window in the bathroom. Nausea dampened by cups of tea. Aching bones quelled by warm water. As if these lives could just drift by without us ever taking a closer look. Rubbing shoulders with thieves and rapists like it were nothing to be alarmed about. Murderers bored by dulling surroundings. These thin layers of existence starved by war. We seek elicit images to keep us from becoming numb. We crave something a little harder to stop ourselves from slipping out of touch.

They watch porno’s whilst operating machinery. Smoking cigarettes with greasy hands, they imagine themselves destroying teenage bodies.  Rubbing oil on her breasts, they fill her up with failed dreams then blow smoke and seed upon her worthless torso. All day long, the horror of the ol’ in and out. A thousand mute screams as childhood innocence is cut to shreds. Dignity erased. Beauty bleached. No mystery, just mild satisfaction. No elegance, just a futile need to breathe. She’s got daddy issues and he’s lonely in the knowledge that there’s nothing more than his messed up guts. Anxiety in the morning as limbo fades behind flowered curtains. Sunrise obliterating all hope of finding a way out. Objects beg to be burned so as they may never have to witness another prolonged breakdown. Food remains uneaten. Clothes not washed just piled high in the corner of the room. Daylight hurts your eyes. It sucks the life right out of tired lungs. Completely still, a bird pecks at the window. It’s looking for the worm in the centre of your soul. Ripe with decay, a new day is just another false beginning.

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